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By implementing Salesforce, manufacturers can utilize all the tools
they need to surge ahead of the game and create Omnichannel experiences for their future customers and partners

In the coming years, 70% of manufacturers will find themselves being held back by outdated technology and business models. However, the manufacturing sector can predict sales revenue using increased ease and accuracy with Salesforce:

  • Discover dealer and distributor management
  • Leverage sales and quoting management
  • Deliver intelligent field service
  • Expand your aftermarket parts revenue
  • Optimize customer experience with data-driven services
  • Utilize B2B marketing engagement tools

Impact of Salesforce to the Manufacturing Industry

  • 20% decrease in field force costs
  • 9% increase in margin expansion
  • 15% average annual growth rate
  • 86% of customers repurchase after great customer experiences

Impact of Salesforce on Manufacturing

Salesforce enables users to better manage and forecast product-based revenue. Users can digitally transform their manufacturing business to deliver modern and connected experiences.

Identify quality leads

The Salesforce CRM helps manufacturing companies to not only identify the right audience, but also to generate quality leads that have a high potential for conversion by grading and scoring the leads.

Efficient and optimum levels of productivity

The user interface of Salesforce makes it easy for organizations to adopt seamlessly within their processes. The system eliminates duplicate entries, automates repetitive processes, saves time, and increases productivity. A proper sales and production schedule will also bring down ad-hoc costs. The unit can effectively plan for the right equipment, resources, finances, and more.

Quick response time

With Salesforce’s centralized database, sales and service reps can bring up any data in a snap to engage positively with a prospective customer. This enables quick wins, happy customers, cross-selling, and referrals.

More accurate sales estimation

Einstein AI’s predictive analysis helps sales reps cement deals quickly by collating all the purchase details of customers, such as their orders, when they were placed, and the cost. It then creates a purchase graph, within Salesforce, to clearly depict the high and low points for a specific period. Thus, with this data, the sales team is empowered to make an educated prediction about future sales.

Better collaboration amongst Sales Teams

In a field like sales or marketing, it is all about networking, communicating, and being in the right place at the right time. Salesforce’s Chatter enables the sales teams to collaborate and function as a cohesive unit. The teams can be on the same page regarding new opportunities, potential leads, red flag issues, and so on.

DemandBlue is a Salesforce Partner with proven expertise in manufacturing industries. Our On Demand Services for Salesforce has been a hit among our customers with its Pay-As-You-Use model, and as it allows them to leverage our pool of certified resources anytime they need. With our vast experience working with different customers in Manufacturing vertical, we know how to unleash the power of Salesforce and help you achieve exponential growth. Give us a call now!

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