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How to leverage the power of Salesforce for manufacturing?

by | Sep 18, 2020 | Blog, Partnership

Manufacturing industries are facing immense pressure to modernize operations and reinvent themselves.Gaining visibility into key customer metrics, streamlined collaboration between disparate departments and taking data-led decisions remain key challenges.

Salesforce is continuously developing new tools to resolve the bottlenecks faced by manufacturers. Today, tools like Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Sustainability Cloud can help manufacturing industries stay in lockstep with evolving demands.

Why Salesforce is a game-changer for the manufacturing industry?

It is a wise choice to implement Salesforce as it is feature-packed and offers tailored solutions. Salesforce CRM helps manufacturers scale quickly and

personalize with planned steps. Manufacturing industries regularly face the problem of lack of resource management and workflow optimization due to an elaborate work cycle that consists of numerous field objects.

Bolster Sales, Support, and Productivity…

Salesforce helps manufacturing industries to boost sales with its agile CRM. Besides increased sales productivity, Salesforce CRM also helps in making planning easier with its easy to use interface and by registering every action of the work cycle in the CRM to keep track of records. The clear documentation of every instance gives your decision-makers, a better insight into the situation with interactive data visualization.

Four unparalleled solutions by Salesforce for Manufacturing Industries:

1. Channel optimization

Salesforce for Manufacturing Industries gives your firm a perfect channel management solution that is fully personalized. This helps the manufacturers to collaborate with distributors and dealers on service, marketing, sales, and more. With such a centralized and fully customizable platform, partners and traders can easily extend their capabilities together

2. Delivering expertise with field Service

Salesforce lets the field service agents use customer 360 to view customer data and learn about the customer, the products they have purchased, the case history and previous service requests. Salesforce empowers the service agents with the necessary tools which allows them to assist the customers wherever they are. Apart from this, Salesforce Field Service Lightning also helps in scheduling and dispatching the right technicians for every job on time

3. Enhancing buyer experience

Salesforce B2B Commerce helps in streamlining the online buying experience. It helps in recommending and organizing prices, products, and contracts to deliver smooth warranty and service experiences that refine your brand name and increase the customer retention rate. With tools like Sales Cloud and Einstein Analytics, Salesforce is able to give an improved B2B buying experience.

4. Effective marketing

Salesforce comes with a wide range of marketing tools that will help your firm establish a strong online presence and acquire customers at an astounding rate. Products like Salesforce Marketing Cloud (B2C focused) and Pardot  (B2B focused) enable you to generate leads, nurture them, and personalize every step of the customer journey to give your clients the attention they deserve. This way, you can regulate the entire customer life cycle with a platform that meets and addresses the unique business challenges you face.

Salesforce for Manufacturing Industries – The perfect solution

Salesforce is a versatile platform that challenges the limits of a CRM with its ability to do much more than any traditional CRM. It is perfectly suitable for every industry, including manufacturing.

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