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Women in Tech: Salesforce DevOps Fireside Chat

by | Mar 12, 2021 | Blog, General Blog

Team DemandBlue joined partners CodeScan for their International Women’s Day roundtable of successful developers and architects from the ecosystem to discuss how to work, grow and lead careers on the Salesforce platform.

We were proud to have two of DemandBlue’s women leaders on the panel:

  • Parul Nagpal, Customer Success Manager
  • Bharathi C.A, Technical Project Manager

March marks International Women’s Month of which March 8th is International Women’s Day – dedicated to amplifying the achievements of women worldwide. Team DemandBlue is comprised of 45% women whose contributions are critical to our vision and growth.

We thank and celebrate you!

At DemandBlue, our teams learn of equality principles through the Cultivate Equality Trail – join us in our commitment to prioritizing the value of diversity and inclusion at work.

Monday, March 8th started bright and early with our fireside chat hosted by CodeScan. The hour-long discussion started promptly with panelists from CopadoPolSource and us at DemandBlue

Read our key highlights below and watch the recording for all the insightful discussions.

Key Questions Discussed:

  • Why Salesforce? What was you’re “aha” moment where you knew you wanted to pursue this career?
  • What are some pros and cons about working in a predominately male led industry?
  • Salesforce is such a unique platform, what was the appeal to work particularly in this field?
  • From the perspective of the male audience members – allyship and what can men be doing to help women in tech?

Key Takeaways:

“Stand for each other and stand together as women for what we do and how we do our work as women in technology” – Bharathi C.A, DemandBlue

“Ask for help when you need it, get involved with the Trailblazer community … networking and connecting with people is so important from a career perspective” – Gloria Ramchandani, Copado

“Be nimble, be informed…cultivate a solution- oriented mindset not problem-oriented. Advocate for changing the environment or company policy, if you are in that position, hire, promote and make space for women” – Parul Nagpal, DemandBlue

“Be open to different ways of doing things, with Salesforce’s versatility, there is much to be done in the system with DevOps process, be open to all ways” – Kristy Gourley, PolSource

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