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Pardot audit: How and why it essential to conduct one today

by | Dec 10, 2020 | Blog

Pardot is a powerful B2B marketing tool that allows marketers to run and manage multiple campaigns with ease. It is capable of automating processes and driving brand evangelism.

But like every marketing technology platform it smuggles in truckloads of questions.

Are you getting the most out of your and Pardot investment?

How are you weighing metrics that can be measured?

How will you configure the system to your current audience segments and processes?

The answer lies in conducting frequent audits.

Auditing your Pardot account on a regular basis is recommended to keep your account aligned with your marketing needs. The findings of a well-done Pardot audit help you identify actionable tasks that improve your Pardot performance.

Why it is essential to conduct Pardot Audits

Ensures seamless integration

Auditing highlights weak links between Pardot and other marketing platforms it is integrated with.

Building reliable strategies

Pardot audits helps you eliminate guesswork and double down on successful campaigns. Data must be at the center of all marketing efforts. And an audit is the most effective way to glean actionable data.

Visualize the customer journey

Visualizing your customer’s journey puts you in the shoes of your customer. It helps you realize the number of different routes your customer could have taken across the whole customer journey. This data can inform all other aspects of your marketing.

Better understanding of lead management

The Pardot audit magnifies the points on the customer journey where the leads are frequently distributed and assigned. Your team gets better insights on when and how the leads are being qualified, what information fields are being used as part of data acquisition, and to whom the leads are assigned.

Robust scoring system

Pardot’s customer scoring feature helps the marketer prioritize leads, making the Sales team close deals faster than before. It is essential to calibrate and set up the criteria for scoring your leads as per your lead requirements. The audit gives you the time and space required to adjust the scoring model and strategize accordingly.

Effective database management and prospect segmentation

Without proper care, databases can quickly fill-up with inactive customers and leads that constantly hinder the workflow and affect productivity. It is important to segment your customers and filter out the irrelevant leads from your campaign for maximum results. This way, you can prioritize customers and reach opportunities faster than everyone.

Actionable recommendations

One of the many reasons Pardot audit is useful for the system is that it gives you actionable insights that can be easily implemented with little care. This helps you reduce the discussing and strategizing time frame, which in return, boosts efficiency and productivity.

Request A Pardot Account Audit

Are your current processes in alignment with best practices?

Is your campaign hierarchy effective?

What are the steps you need to take to achieve closed loop ROI reporting?

Our audit will give you a clear answer to these questions and more. Because, in the end, your technology is only as good as you make it.

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