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Salesforce Lightning Experience – Salesforce Re-invented

Salesforce Lightning has revolutionized customer and sales rep experiences and improved operational efficiencies…

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Best Practices to Drive Salesforce Adoption

Salesforce is a game-changing business tool that provides numerous business benefits. It can help you elevate customer…

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Best Practices to Drive Salesforce Adoption – Post Implementation

Your organization has implemented Salesforce and you are excited to have created a perfect Salesforce solution for your team…

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Salesforce Developer Experience

Salesforce Developer Experience (DX) is a brand new way to develop and manage apps on the Lightning Platform across the entire life cycle…

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LET’S GET R.E.A.L A post-COVID introspection on improving business model

The COVID-19 pandemic has today put humanity in dire straits…

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Salesforce Einstein Insights

Long gone are the days when selling products was a matter of luck and chance. Salesforce Einstein Insights ensures that every move that your sales rep takes is calculated…

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