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Top 3 Salesforce Products to transform your customer engagement into a value—added experience

by | Apr 19, 2022 | Blog

From a customer perspective, it’s always a priority for businesses to deliver valuable service to them at a favourable price. Still, it’s also essential to measure the customer experience offered by your company to stay ahead of the competition. In times of uncertainty, the organization that drives higher customer engagement typically excels far better than their competitors. The motive for every business should be to deliver unique customer experiences that feel personalized and valued through human interactions.

What do customers’ expect in today’s world of businesses?

Customers have been conditioned to expect more from their suppliers through a highly connected experience using the latest technologies. As a result, companies work overtime to provide personalized interactions, proactive service, and a more connected experience at the right time. Personalize every interaction with customers A recent Salesforce survey found that 73% of consumers expect to only do business with a company if it delivers a customized support experience across channels. It’s no wonder customer engagement is all about the promise to deliver a real-time customized support experience that connects with the customer at the right time! View all your data in one place Support apps are integrated with ERPs and CRMs to provide support to your customer at any time and any place. Hence, it’s imperative to integrate all the support apps used by your sales, marketing, and support team to resolve issues quickly. Leverage social media channels to reach customers instantly Social media is an ideal tool for businesses involved with B2C and B2B consumers where they can obtain immediate customer feedback. With the ever flowing data from social media, it’s possible to create a positive customer experience through social media engagement.  
      • Provide discounts, promotions, freebies, and valuable advice to support your potential leads.
      • Join relevant groups and communities.
      • Share the company’s story, generate contact referrals, and drive traffic to accounts.

Top three Salesforce products that can help you drive this level of customer engagement

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform enables marketers to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time throughout the buying journey. Marketing Cloud is a responsive tool to optimize multi-channel campaigns, email and marketing automation, and the overall marketing process through combined marketing and business analytics. Marketing Cloud also helps to drive real-time customer engagement and automates customer journey data.

Highlights of Salesforce Marketing Cloud: 

      • The integrated platform helps to drive the customer journey and engagement.
      • It helps automate Email, Social, Advertising, and Mobile interaction studio.
      • You can manage reports and decision-making with an insightful analytical dashboard.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Service Cloud is a popular Salesforce CRM platform to provide better customer support. It helps automate service processes and can reorganize workflows to support client service representatives. The main objective of the tool is to improve the support experience and strengthen customer relationships. Service Cloud supports live representative video chat, screen sharing, on-screen guided support, and more to gain a complete image of the client so that you can notify and deliver replies quickly.

Highlights of Service Cloud:

  • Deliver service instantly with pre-defined emails, chats, calls, and other responses.
  • Integration of multiple lines of information into a centralized view enhances omnichannel routing.
  • It improves customer self-help portals through AI-powered next-step suggestions.
  • Understand each customer on a personal level with the Service Cloud agent workspace.

Salesforce Community Cloud

Salesforce Community Cloud is an online social platform for companies to create branded sites that helps to connect with employees, customers, and partners in real time. The platform helps leverage CRM data by connecting it with your community or any third-party site. In addition, Community Cloud helps build a custom community that empowers collaboration with partners, agents, and customers.

Highlights of Community Cloud:

      • It automatically suggests a connection to groups and experts based on behavior.
      • Create a rich, self-service experience for customers.
      • Empower customers to connect with agents and have easy access to collective articles and FAQs.
      • Grow partner sales and provide selective dashboard access to partners.
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