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The buying experience is as important as the purchase for B2B buyers. Are you there?

by | Aug 16, 2021 | Blog

There was a time, not very long ago, when loyalty programs were all it took to drive sustained customer loyalty and increase stickiness. But times have changed, and customer expectations have evolved. Today’s customers want data-driven agility, personalized buying experiences, and a frictionless buyer journey across various touchpoints.

Forward-thinking brands have leveraged Salesforce to shift to a more consumer-like experience for their B2B buyers. As B2B journeys become more multifaceted it is time for B2B companies to move fast and span the gap between customer expectations and the buying experience they offer.

The decline of the B2B salesman

Traditional selling has gone the way of the floppy disk, Myspace, and frosted tips that were popularized by 2000s boy bands. It’s a dying breed and conventional, funnel obsessed selling no longer makes the cut. Here’s why:

    • Younger and digital-native buyers occupy key positions and expect their B2B shopping experience to be as nimble as B2C ones.
    • Buyers are looking for horizontally integrated services.
    • The B2B landscape is becoming increasingly competitive and buying experience is emerging into a major differentiator.

Here’s how to create a connected purchase experience for customers:

How do you architect buying experiences that delight and are human led?

How do you go along with customers as they move across various touchpoints?

How do you deliver personalized B2B experiences at scale?

The answer lies in adopting a focused strategy along with the right technology. The pandemic has changed the equation from, “What value does my customer bring to the table?” to “What value am I providing the customer?” This seismic shift can be tied back to the fact that brands cannot run marketing campaigns and follow traditional processes ignoring the personal crisis their customers face. Instead of selling, the onus is on engaging customers and delivering tangible value. A disjointed buying experience, lack of integration between marketing and sales channels and siloed processes are on their way out.

The million-dollar question: How do you create a frictionless and memorable buying experience across touchpoints?

Short answer: Salesforce Revenue Cloud.

Salesforce Revenue Cloud provides customers with a buying experience that is fast and intuitive. It enables B2B companies to explore new revenue streams, scale processes and move to newer pricing models with speed and clarity.

Let’s see Salesforce Revenue Cloud in action:

Sally runs a mechanical equipment manufacturing company. Her customers log in and select a product that best fits their requirements and then wait for the quote package to be put together. And wait some more. A cheery message informs customers that the order has been received and a custom quote is on its way. But it never reaches them because they’ve moved away to greener, more personalized pastures.

Sue, who is Sally’s competitor, knows better. Through the power of Salesforce Revenue Cloud and its highly intelligent Configure, Price, Quote solution, she generates on-brand quotes and highly personalized offers. She applies discretionary discounts on bulk orders for regular customers and her pricing engine accommodates multiple pricing tiers. She offers an exceptional buying experience every single time, and her customers come back for more as they know she’ll remember their orders, offer great pricing options, provide accurate quotes in seconds, and help them configure products that are the best fit for their business needs. Sue relies on the power of Salesforce CPQ to drive the customer experience.

DemandBlue unleashes the power of Salesforce CPQ. We are passionate about enabling our customers like Sue to set up pricing engines, move to subscription-based payment models and handle product configuration and pricing complexities. We specialize in working with Salesforce Revenue Cloud with a focus on Salesforce CPQ working to deliver more value to our customers from day one. To find out more about how DemandBlue can help you evolve your B2B customer experience with Salesforce Revenue Cloud please get in touch.

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