Not in a mood to part with Salesforce Classic? Here’s how you can buy some time to Switch to Lightning!

Switch to Lightning

Salesforce switch to Lightning from Classic is bandied about a lot these days. Salesforce Lightning was launched about three years ago, and since then Salesforce has been encouraging users to take advantage of Salesforce Lightning. This new platform is packed with revolutionary features and game-changing development tools designed to drive CRM productivity and efficiency. Salesforce has made some heavy lifting to render potency to this Lightning platform and, going forward, some of the shiny and brand-new features (not available in Classic) will be Lightning specific. They developed a modern UI that brings increased productivity, faster deployments, seamless transition across desktop and mobile devices, and much more. Salesforce Lightning comes with a host of revolutionary features –

  • Modern and User-friendly Interface that is, smart and efficient. All Salesforce users will have a consistent experience across devices – desktop, tablet, and mobile.
  • Customizable Homepages to display the information you need the most, helping you be more efficient.
  • Out-of-the-box views that feature smarter analytics. It remembers which views are most commonly accessed by the users to help them focus on their most important tasks.
  • Add More Columns in Dashboards – Of over 150,000 customers who weighed in on the new features, the #1 requested feature was a four-column dashboard and here it is!
  • New Pipeline Board – allows for each opportunity to be manually moved between stages using drag and drop, and the sales forecast will be automatically updated.

But what if You Want to Stay Classic than Switch to Lightning?

At DemandBlue, we always recommend our customers to switch to Lightning. This not only enables them to leverage Lightning platform’s robust features but also provides long-term stability since we do not know how long Salesforce will support the Classic UI. But there is a segment of users who are either Classic lovers or just detest change of any sorts. This small segment of our customers prefer to stay in Classic and enjoy the experience of the Classic interface as long as they possibly can. We showed them how to turn off Lightning and enjoy Classic as long as it lasts. And to those of you who feel the same way about Salesforce Classic, here’s the good news – Lightning auto-switch can be disabled to stay in Salesforce Classic and not switch to Lightning. Let us show you how…

For users that are not taking advantage of Lightning Experience, the Lightning Autoswitch feature switches them from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience automatically and a welcome mat informs them that they have been switched. Admins choose whether the switch happens daily or weekly and the switch happens the next time the user logs in.

However, to disable automatic switch to Lightning for a specific group of users, you can create a permission set using the Remain in Salesforce Classic user permission. See Create Permission Sets. Yet, Chatter Free and Chatter external users can’t be excluded from automatic switching using this permission, and the ability to create a permission set for a small group of specific users isn’t available in the Group Edition.

Get complete details here.

Need help choosing the right Salesforce version for your organization – or switch your Salesforce org to Lightning Experience? Get in touch with us!

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