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Here’s the much anticipated Salesforce Summer ’22 Release Highlights for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, CPQ and Billing

by | May 27, 2022 | Blog

The world’s leading CRM platform Salesforce is back with its Summer’22 release updates. Salesforce constantly enhances the functionality and release features to foster consistency, reliability, productivity, usability, and availability of their products. In addition, the release page lists the upgrades your organization needs to implement and adapt to the current configurations. This blog will walk you through the Salesforce feature updates and release for Commerce Cloud, CPQ, and Billing platforms.

Subscription Management is generally Available now– Salesforce CPQ

Use Subscription Management to automate processes for selling, invoicing, and collecting payments for subscription products and one-time sales. Create product catalogs, manage pricing, manage subscriptions, invoice customers, evaluate the risk of late payments, collect payments, and track customer purchases. The Subscription Management API powers your subscription lifecycle regardless of the selling channel.

Where: This applies to Enterprise, Professional, Unlimited, and Developer editions of Lightning Experience.

Who: In order to utilize or use this functionality, a Subscription Management license is required.

Run Salesforce CPQ quickly on web browsers – Salesforce CPQ

One of the finest updates from this release is this improvement to the overall efficiency of Salesforce CPQ. Salesforce CPQ now runs more quickly on incompatible browsers. This major upgrade has been developed with Web Components V1 technology.The modification is standard and cannot be turned off. To enable the upgrade, Go to Trust Status, check for your instance, and select the maintenance tab to retrieve the release upgrade date. Salesforce CPQ will now run faster with an improved appearance and feel of the user interface on desktop and mobile apps once the update is implemented.

Where: This upgrade and modification affects the Salesforce Classic, Lightning Experience, and Salesforce mobile applications in CPQ.

How: This upgrade helps Salesforce CPQ to run smoother and faster across platforms using Web Components V1 technology. With the upgrade, there will be a slight alteration in the appearance and interface of the Salesforce CPQ Application. Therefore, it is advisable to test the customization and features of the Salesforce application on desktop and mobile after installation.

Track Salesforce Billing consumption rates and Manage Customer Asset Lifecycle Management with Salesforce CPQ Plus

With this upgrade, you now have clear visibility into the items your customers have purchased with the use of a licensed Salesforce CPQ Plus. Previously, the Customer Asset Lifecycle Management Resource was offered through Salesforce Billing; now, it can be accessed through Salesforce CPQ Plus. In addition, with this upgrade, the Salesforce Billing consumption rate can include their values. Previously, the usage quantities were “Up to and including 10”, and now the rate applies to usage quantities “Up to and including 11”.

Where: This upgrade affects Lightning Experience, Salesforce Classic and the Salesforce mobile app in Salesforce CPQ Plus.

You can specify language and currency for global customers – Commerce Cloud

Want to sell globally as B2C stores? This may be the ideal update for Salesforce Commerce Cloud users. A new configurable property added an in-store component that lets you select the country where purchases can be shipped and to indicate whether to add tax amounts or not. Configure the country and tax for the B2C store by indicating the price displayed in the store component. To include the tax, select gross, and in order to eliminate it, select net.

Now you can translate or switch languages on the labels depending on customer preference. The labels such as My Account Password, My Account Header, and My Profile can be switched to the language you prefer. Show the shopper the price with tax and remind your shoppers about the tax when they checkout. Configure the Product Information and Cart Tools components if your store uses a gross tax and display a note that the product price is included with a tax.

Wrap up

These are the Summer’22 release note for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, CPQ and Billing that makes your work smoother and more efficient. If you or your organization is looking to implement these feature upgrades into your current system for better productivity, connect with our Salesforce expertise team. At DemandBlue, we can assist you in implementing, customizing, and configuring Salesforce products real quick with our On Demand Service model. Our Salesforce expertise team will understand your business operations, bottlenecks and provide an operational structure model to improve revenue growth and accelerate sales cycle.

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