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Salesforce Work.com | Reopening with confidence

by | Aug 1, 2020 | Blog

The COVID-19 outbreak has challenged our society and businesses into adapting to a new normal, one where we are confined to our homes and work without having to meet in person to coordinate actions. But, with careful consideration, the social and economic unlocking of businesses has begun in a phased manner. This could potentially allow us to get back to our office desks and regulate the workflow. Though it sparks joy in the hearts of the business owners, the most critical questions of “Are we ready for this unlock yet?” Are we prepared enough for the new normal?  are top of mind to organizations that plan to operate in an unprecedented environment and time.

According to experts, complete normalization of the industries is still months away, yet it is wise to prepare for resuming and adapt the office culture as the impact of COVID-19 is here to stay. The aftermath is going to affect our office activities, and logics even in the post pandemic world. This calls for active measures like Salesforce Work.com Platform, which helps employees get back to the office work habitat and strategize accordingly. Salesforce Work.com is a unified platform that provides all the accessories and products of the World’s #1 CRM, Salesforce, with ease of accessibility.

Five handy Salesforce Work.com features that will smoothen your reopening journey.

Salesforce Work.com enables your employees to adapt and execute solutions with proactive designs. It keeps your staff informed with COVID-19 updates and also helps them stay safe. With Work.com you can, encourage your staff with brilliant and inspiring stories and master tips on leaderships from the renowned experts – a need of the hour, to keep the team spirit high.

Here are some of the functionalities Work.com offers:

Workplace Command Center

Work.com provides a consolidated solution to build a reopening strategy for your firm and monitor employee activities. It comes with the workplace Command Center that helps them make data-driven decisions, customize workflows, apps, and execute actions. Also, it takes care of employee shifts and their wellness.

Contact tracing

The Contact tracing ability of Salesforce Work.com helps you capture the right information, and manually trace interactions to identify points of transmission. The user can also follow-up tasks and trigger actions with it.

Emergency Response Management

The Emergency Response Management of Work.com helps you prioritize your resources in the time of crisis and supports your community by accelerating the ability to respond with a detailed list view of approvals and orders.

Workforce Reskilling

Work.com helps your staff to brush up their skills and capacitate themselves to deliver quality. It trains your employees on innovative tools and products to boost their productivity and shapeup their workflow.


Mulesoft accelerator is a handy accessory of Salesforce Work.com that provides your employees with templates, pre-built connectors, and data mapping to unlock the platform’s best. It unleashes the full potential Work.com products with a smooth CRM integration.

Plan ahead with the force of Salesforce Work.com to leap forward.

Work.com is going to turn into one of the most innovative office solutions of 2020. It combines all the aspects of office work and culture and unifies it on a mobile platform. With this, your employees will always be ready for what’s coming and what will come ahead. Work.com remains to be an unparalleled solution that brings in all the essentials together.

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