Salesforce Slack Acquisition – 5 Reasons why this merger is the best thing since sliced bread!

Salesforce is bringing in a huge wave of features and services for its users this year. Before the end of 2020, Salesforce signed a $27.7 billion megadeal to acquire Slack, a leading channel-based messaging platform. The Salesforce Slack acquisition will drastically change the face of communication and collaboration for users. Now all your leads, contacts, and account information will be available on Slack. Users will not need to switch between platforms any longer. Such agility and collaboration will increase team productivity and enhance results drastically.

This sure is a game-changer, and as Marc Benioff, the CEO and co-founder of Salesforce, said, “This is a match made in heaven. Together, Salesforce and Slack will shape the future of enterprise software…”

Slack being a collaborative platform, brings data and people together for working and collaborating from anywhere. With this acquisition, Slack will be fully integrated with Salesforce. It will help the users to access customer information across all the business apps and Salesforce environment. This will cut the required effort to skim through customer data and help users connect and make effective decisions faster than ever.

Here are 5 ways how the Salesforce Slack acquisition strengthens communication

Update Team Members Anytime.

With the Salesforce Slack acquisition, your team members will constantly stay updated with crucial information. Sales and service reps will now receive customized notifications on Slack for a smoother workflow by eliminating the need to switch platforms or tools to access any new information. Your reps can use this saved time to focus on their job better and get better results.

Access Files Across Platforms 

Your team members can now search for any Salesforce record related to accounts, cases, opportunities, etc., and preview them from Slack. Salesforce Slack acquisition will save you the time once spent on switching screens and searching for information on other platforms. It is also possible to loop team members on any document, account, or thread by tagging them on Slack and providing them the required context for effective communication.

Easy Sales and Service Collaboration

The collaboration between sales and services becomes so much easier! Your Sales and Service reps can now instantly share data between colleagues or other departments with Slack. The reps will now be able to choose and selectively share data with specific people and will have control over the channel of communication. All the conversations on Slack between customers and reps can be updated on Salesforce as a record. This way, the Salesforce Slack acquisition bolsters selling by updating the reps on customer data.

Share Code Snippets

One of Slack’s best features that grabbed our attention is the ability to share code blocks between teams. Sharing test code snippets across the team is one of the many reasons why this is truly a match made in heaven. This increases Salesforce users’ productivity by many folds and speeds up workflows.

Future of Employee Engagement

Salesforce has moved one step closer to its vision of creating a usable and modern suite of applications. This effort of bridging the gap between customer and employee communications will potentially address many customer and engagement issues in the coming future.

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