Salesforce SharePoint Integration – Combining the Power of World’s #1 CRM and Leading Collaboration Platform to Enhance Business Processes

salesforce SharePoint Integration

Salesforce SharePoint Integration – Salesforce is the world’s #1 cloud-based CRM giant offering comprehensive CRM solutions to millions of leading brands across the globe. However, when it comes to document management, Salesforce was not exclusively designed to be a Content Management platform. Instead, it is an integrated CRM solution that gives all your departments, including sales, service, marketing, commerce a 360-degree view of customers to deliver omnichannel and personalized experiences that your customers expect. Microsoft SharePoint, on the other hand, is a robust and feature-stuffed document management and collaboration platform that enables companies to manage archives, documents, reports, and other data that are crucial to business processes. It is extensively used as a secure document repository for intranet portals, websites, cloud-based services and much more.

Integration between these two systems captures the essence of both Salesforce and SharePoint to make all files available on a single interface while significantly driving down costs of maintaining two individual platforms. Salesforce SharePoint integration enables Salesforce users to effortlessly access and manage office documents including spreadsheets and presentations, share posts, join groups, instantly share huge files, collaborate better and much more.

Salesforce SharePoint Integration Vs Salesforce Chatter

Alternatively, you can use Salesforce Chatter to share files and data across your organization. Salesforce Chatter is an exquisite enterprise collaboration platform that allows employees across the organization to share and collaborate seamlessly using the platform. It supports feeds, profiles and groups to allow data sharing and communication among Salesforce users. It reduces the number of emails you send and receive by communicating with colleagues through tools within Chatter such as news feed, group forums, file sharing and online chat. In fact, according to a Salesforce report, Chatter reduces email by a staggering 30%.

However, Chatter free users have limited rights. Though you can view Chatter profiles, join groups and post updates, you cannot see Salesforce data and records or edit document right in Salesforce. This could be a hindrance for collaboration between Salesforce users and employees without licenses. You can overcome this by buying more Salesforce Sales Cloud licenses (starting at $25 per user per month). However, there are two main cons here – high license costs and limited capabilities for collaboration with external stakeholders and internal departments that don’t use Salesforce.

To get around this, companies can use SharePoint as their enterprise collaboration tool and Salesforce as their CRM. This enables cross-departmental collaboration to happen within the SharePoint intranet and external stakeholder collaboration using the extranet part of SharePoint. When a company decides on this option, it is critical that they carefully choose the right Salesforce SharePoint integration partner to facilitate frictionless user experiences in the future. Enter DemandBlue, a dedicated Salesforce Consulting partner, delivering On Demand Services for Salesforce.

About DemandBlue

At DemandBlue, we offer an array of Salesforce integration solutions, including Salesforce SharePoint integration. With deep industry knowledge and expertise, we have successfully performed Salesforce integrations for a wide array of clients across various industries ranging from SMBs to Global brands. Also, our On Demand Services for Salesforce (Service-as-a-service model) is one of our unique core propositions that have been hugely welcomed by our clients for its agility and flexibility. It is a Service-as-a-service model where clients can instantly scale up or scale down our resources based on their fluctuating Salesforce needs and pay only for what they use.

At DemandBlue, we have partnered with hundreds of clients across industries to deliver intelligent experiences, optimize Salesforce ROI and drive business value. DemandBlue is also a proud winner of the Best Salesforce Agency 2018 Awards by DesignRush and Top IT Services Company by Goodfirms.

To maximize Salesforce using our On Demand Services for Salesforce SharePoint Integration, Talk to our team now!

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salesforce SharePoint Integration

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