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Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation

Solve your operational bottlenecks and close deals faster with DemandBlue’s Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation. We enhance your sales operations with increased productivity to help your team shoot for a bigger target every time they dial a prospect. We provide customized implementation services to reinforce your sales practices and empower your sales department to be a more productive and healthier version of itself. Our goal is to help you leverage every Sales Cloud feature to maximize utility and deliver an unmatched Sales Cloud experience.

DemandBlue will customize the Implementation to best fit your business needs. We understand your sales challenges and devise a complete Sales Cloud implementation to overcome your sales barriers; exceed expectations with significant margins. Our implementation practices help your team make data-driven decisions for intelligent strategic planning with detailed insights into customer interactions and closed deals.

Maximize your sales productivity with our Sales Cloud Implementation Services.

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Customer Testimonials

DemandBlue has been able to handle them while staying on time with deliverables.

DemandBlue has been an excellent partner for us during our Org consolidation, providing us with excellent service at an affordable/economical rate. From our discovery phase into the build phase and throughout the validation phase, DemandBlue has demonstrated tremendous attention to detail. In addition, their knowledge & expertise in the platform have been visible throughout the process. Lastly, I have greatly appreciated DemandBlue’s flexibility. At times throughout our project, we have had to make changes, and DemandBlue has been able to handle them while staying on time with deliverables.

Nicholas Labrada
Manager, Sales Systems




Some of the key Sales Cloud features,
DemandBlue helps you leverage.

Effective performance tracking

Effective performance tracking

Performance tracking is the first step toward better productivity. Our Sales Cloud consultants will help you track your sales reps’ performances and work hours with our Sales Cloud implementation. We let you access detailed reports and highlight their strengths and weaknesses. With better sales management, you can raise the productivity bar for your sales team.

Tasks and Events Management

Tasks and Events Management

Campaign management is the primary goal of your sales managers, and we help them achieve it quickly through our Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation. We help them manage the team’s sales activities such as emails, calls, and meetings by enabling Lightning Experience. Your agents will have a personal, consolidated overview of their sales activities which the trouble of searching for data from different lists.

Lead Management

Lead Management

Our Sales Cloud implementation helps you track your leads effortlessly while helping you optimize your sales campaigns across every channel. Our Sales Cloud experts will let you identify the source of leads and qualify them based on the score and grade they received. We ensure that no lead is duplicated and that lead information is accurate.

Account and Contact Management

Account and Contact Management

Accounts and contacts are a large part of your customer database. Therefore it is essential to pay special attention to manage and segment them for easy access and better sales outcomes. The team receives a 360-degree view of your customers—activity history, customer interactions, and internal account comments—to help them strategize before every sales call.

Sales Forecasting

Sales Forecasting

Our Sales Cloud experts help you leverage Einstein AI to analyze customer data and sales records for accurate sales forecasts. This helps with better pipeline management and provides your team with KPIs, business trend insights, and the viability of closing a pending deal. This is another example of a great tool that can be leveraged for sales growth.

Sales Process Automation

Sales Process Automation

Automation makes life easier for your sales reps and keeps your secondary activities running in the background while executing sales calls. We leverage Visual Workflow to design and automate sales activities such as approval, logging calls, and emails to eliminate these tiresome tasks. This enables a flexible discount approval process to assist your managers to quickly approve deals while protecting profit margins.

Custom Sales Cloud Implementation

DemandBlue extends your ability beyond the basic Salesfroce Sales Cloud implementation to exceed your revenue goals. Our Sales Cloud consultants will leverage the platform to build apps and automate your sales process to increase productivity, eliminate human errors, and improve efficiency to transform your sales operation into a smarter version of itself.

Evaluate and Improve

Monitoring your sales data helps identify the complexities in your sales campaigns, making it an essential practice for every organization. We take you a step further by offering a 360-degree view of your organization and sales process. This helps you improve the performance of your Sales Cloud with a sleek and innovative development that fine-tunes and perfects the process.

Classic to Lightning Migration
Classic to Lightning Migration

Transition to Lightning

Salesforce Lightning is the most effective and fastest form of Salesforce that offers you a consolidated, singular overview of your sales and organization. Our smooth Lightning transition journey will leverage the latest Salesforce features available exclusively for Lightning users. We enhance your user experience with Lightning transition and guide your use of Einstein analytics for accelerated sales.

Our five-step Sales Cloud Implementation program

Roadmap Icon


Team DemanBlue starts your Sales Cloud implementation journey by understanding your sales challenges and goals to devise a customized, practical roadmap that addresses your ROI expectations. We adhere to this roadmap as we work towards your goals and resolve your operational challenges.

Segment and prioritize your customers Icon

Segment and prioritize your customers

Organizing your data is the key to a streamlined sales process. Our Sales Cloud implementation includes segmenting your customer database through defined criteria while catering to a diverse audience. We ensure that there are no customer data silos, and we eliminate data duplication.

Utilize all default CRM features Icon

Utilize all default CRM features

After researching and collating best sales practice features for your business, our team helps you apply these Salesforce features to the fullest.

Integrate apps with Salesforce Icon

Integrate apps with Salesforce

Once the Sales Cloud workflow has been stabilized, we integrate your organizational apps to increase productivity and eliminate various tasks, for example, data logging. We enable a deep two-way data synchronization to keep your CRM and Sales Cloud up to date and allow your reps to access data without hindrance.

Training and adoption Icon

Training and adoption

We train your sales team to adapt Sales Cloud with our interactive weekly webinars. Our team will quickly familiarize your users with the interface and features for real-time productivity. We will also provide additional training sessions for requested topics.

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