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Dreamforce 2022 – What we learned about the Future of Salesforce Revenue Cloud

by | Nov 24, 2022 | Blog, DF22

The DemandBlue team had an outstanding time participating in Dreamforce 2022! We spent time celebrating some key client project wins as well as learned about all of the new features rolling out over the next 12 months as it relates to Salesforce Revenue Cloud. Here are a few of the highlights…

Salesforce introduced Revenue Cloud in 2020 when the pandemic made business revenue cycles complicated and uncertain. When customers’ unpredictable behaviour disrupted sales channels and forecasting data became imprecise, Salesforce Revenue Cloud allowed businesses to streamline their buying processes and enhance revenue efficiency in just a few months.

According to a 2021 Salesforce survey, businesses using Revenue Cloud witnessed a 29 percent improvement in cross-selling and efficiency in generating quotes, a 21 percent gain in forecast accuracy, and an 11 percent drop in billing issues.

Revenue Cloud is a part of the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform and greatly enhances a firm’s ability to connect sales, service, and finance teams with a single platform to monitor revenue growth with complete transparency.

As an integrated solution, Salesforce Revenue Cloud benefits businesses comprehensively. One significant advantage is it allows users to access information conveniently in a single unified place. Further, it helps firms increase time to value with a streamlined approach, eliminates your team’s manual workloads, removes redundancies, increases revenue streams, optimizes processes to maximize ROI, and keeps you future-ready.

Salesforce’s new upcoming Revenue Cloud features

Salesforce rolled out new feature updates for Revenue Cloud during the Dreamforce 2022 event. The existing Multi-Cloud Billing, Customer Asset Lifecycle Management, and CPQ-B2B Commerce Connector, we will now be supplemented by Omni-Channel Pricing, Einstein Collections included in Subscription management, and Digital Sales Assistant to make the revenue lifecycle more efficient.

Omni-Channel Pricing

Omni-Channel Pricing will help businesses deliver accurate prices across different sales channels. Firms can deploy this easily into their customer engagement system. With unified administration such as maintaining a single record system for all products and pricing, and flexible pricing capabilities supporting go-to-market price strategies, it will allow companies to offer a seamless buying experience that supports demanding customer engagement expectations.

Einstein Collections

Salesforce is adding Einstein analytics to Subscription Management to aid businesses to collect cash faster with AI. Organizations will be able to predict which accounts are likely to delay payments and to apply actionable insights to collection agents. This will accelerate decision-making and enhance process efficiency to improve customer outreach.

Digital Sales Assistant

Einstein Bots for Sales is a new Salesforce digital assistant targeted to help the sales team close deals faster. This bot will connect qualified leads to sellers without any waiting time and assist them wherever they are. Moreover, Einstein will automate common approvals, offer FAQs, and extend Sales Cloud capabilities such as quote and contract to save your sales reps’ time and improve productivity.

Why Salesforce Revenue Cloud is beneficial for your business

By engaging customers on every platform, Salesforce Revenue Cloud helps you accelerate your revenue growth more than traditional approaches. It fills the gaps of lost revenues and helps the organization achieve good results. Regardless of the complexities, business strategies, or revenue processes, Revenue Cloud has become a reliable source to manage the entire revenue management process hassle-free.

If you want to learn how to enhance business growth with Revenue Cloud or harness the full potential of Salesforce Revenue Cloud, talk to our Salesforce consultants today!


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