Drive Quote to Cash Automation with Salesforce CPQ and DemandBlue


Growth in sales productivity


Improvement in forecast accuracy


Reduction in quoting errors


More customer retention

Planet DDS Case Study

CPQ Implementation and Docusign Integration

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Planet DDS: DemandBlue Customer Success Story

Salesforce Revenue Cloud

Salesforce Revenue Cloud?

Intuitive and connected buying experiences are what your customers are looking for. Revenue Cloud helps you deliver that. Revenue Cloud enables a robust sales engine and supports businesses that have subscription-based, consumption-based or recurring revenue models. It offers flexibility and connects your customer and revenue lifecycles. It also enables you to empower your partners and customers self-serve and keep you notified when you need to step in to assist them.

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DemandBlue helps you improve operational efficiency across the lead-to-revenue continuum. Through the superpowers of Salesforce Revenue Cloud and our deep domain experience, we transform the way organizations sell. Our On Demand solutions help you achieve quick wins without losing sight of the big picture.


Our agile and customized implementation services enable your organization to meet specific business goals and connect to existing systems.

Salesforce Revenue Cloud Customization

Revenue Cloud has a lot of moving parts. We customize each key feature and functionality to solve your business purpose and go further with Salesforce.


Products Bundles

Guided Selling

Advanced Approvals

Product & Pricing Options

Revenue Cloud Integration

Revenue Cloud Integration

We integrate your org with all major ERP systems, PIM, Accounting and Inventory management systems. Connect Revenue Cloud with any external software with ease.

The Proof is in the Outcomes

For organizations –
Become more customer centric

  • Enable friction-free buying
  • Accelerate the sales cycle
  • Grow your business through highly customized product options and prices
  • Integrate tightly with other billing and sales solutions
  • Automate and streamline billing and invoicing processes

For Sales teams –
Close more deals quickly

  • Handle high sales volumes effortlessly
  • Through automating the quote renewal and order management process, we help you manage price changes and generate add-on orders quickly
  • Handle product and pricing intricacies such as volume discounts, partner pricing and product configurations efficiently
Salesforce CPQ Features

B2B Commerce is here.
We’ll help you take off with Salesforce

Deliver connected and meaningful buying experiences. Our team helps you design and develop a commerce experience that delights your customers. From building a scalable system architecture to unifying disparate processes, we help you meet the expectations of high-value customers.


  • Real-time synchronization of product pricing
  • Get a quick quote while browsing a product
  • Customize prices, instantly
  • Multiple products and different channels, but one order and one price
Salesforce B2B Commerce


Automate invoice creation

Systemize payment process

Streamline Revenue Growth

Revenue Growth

Billing has never been easier! Streamlined, automated, error-free billing has never been heard of. Salesforce Billing module in Revenue Cloud make this entirely possible.


  • Integrated Salesforce CPQ and Billing
  • Smooth order management process
  • Revenue recognition reporting
  • Easy integration with ERP systems

Salesforce Communities for
Partners And Customers

Lead from the front. Create your own brand. Create your own ecosystem. Create a portal for your
partners or customers to thrive. Exchange ideas.


Engage Deeper | Grow Faster | Gain Control

Benefits of Revenue Cloud Implementation

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