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Salesforce Pardot Implementation

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Salesforce Pardot Integration

DemandBlue’s, Pardot Implementation Services offers you data-driven marketing strategies that refine your marketing funnel outputs to drive your bottom-line and allows you to effectively measure marketing attribution, which will enable you to reach the right customer using the right campaign at the right time.y with the right pricing.

DemandBlue specializes in providing a customized marketing journey to your customers through our tailored Pardot implementation. Our Pardot experts can help you accelerate your demand generation with comprehensive personalized experiences.

Our Pardot consultants will work with you to create marketing assets (dynamic email templates. intuitive landing pages, user-friendly forms etc.) that align with your marketing strategy and define the metrics to measure success.

Our Pardot consultants help you optimize and leverage all of its features, including Einstein AI capability to generate sales-ready, high-quality, marketing-qualified leads that are proven to increase marketing effectiveness, and maximize return on investments.

Why choose DemandBlue’s Pardot Implementation service?

You and your Pardot integration are very important to us. That is why we start from scratch and progressively build an efficient marketing system with intuitive automations and insightful analytics. We work with you to send meaningful, personalized messages to different lead segments, moving prospects through your funnel at record speeds.

DemandBlue’s Pardot integration will automate smart lead acquisition, lead nurturing, and lead engagement with a customized prospect engagement journey with least manual intervention required.

Salesforce reports that
Pardot users have experienced


Reduction in the Sales Cycle


Unified view of their Customers


Increased Customer Engagement

One of our Pardot customers is a leading finance and property management company whose marketing strategy needed a boost. They invested in Pardot and our team of experts integrated Pardot with their CRM.

Pardot was automated to score the leads appropriately as each prospect went through an orchestrated journey. Once the leads crossed a predefined threshold, Pardot pushed the leads into the CRM for the sales reps to call and close. Their existing landing pages were hosted in Pardot and we also showed the client how to quickly build responsive landing pages using Pardot’s drag-and-drop templates. Leads filling in the landing page web forms were captured using web-to-lead feature. Their email campaign was automated so that Pardot serially mails subsequent content based on prospect activity. Client experienced quicker sales cycles, improved lead generation, and efficient customer journey.

Pardot Integration

Setup and advisory

DemandBlue’s Advisory team will consult with your stakeholders and marketers to understand your firm’s goals and suggest the appropriate features and licenses to drive your campaign.

Quick deployment with visible results

Our consultants and developers will take care of all the rollout and enablement need to quickly derive measurable results, so you can track the progress right from the beginning.


Our Pardot Experts will configure the settings to suit your specific business needs and enable workflow automation to set your marketers free of mundane tasks.

Integration and data migration

We enable Pardot’s integration with the CRM and clean and de-duplicate your database before importing it into Pardot.

Training and adoption

Last but not least, our Pardot experts will train your staff to adopt Pardot and help them go through the first few steps of creating and implementing a campaign.

Best practices

DemandBlue’s Pardot Implementation program is designed to help you adopt the best practices so that you may fully experience the full power of the benefits that Pardot features to deliver.


DemandBlue is a Salesforce Partner with proven expertise in Salesforce Pardot implementation . Our On Demand Services for Salesforce has been a hit among our customers with its Pay-As-You-Use model and as it allows them to leverage our pool of certified resources at any time they need.

With our vast experience working with different customers across a variety of industries like Marketing, Construction, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Automotive, Healthcare, etc., we know how to unleash the power of Marketing Cloud and help you achieve exponential growth.

Case study

A leading real estate firm leverages DemandBlue’s On Demand Services model to increase arketing-qualified leads by 110% through Pardot

Case study

DemandBlue partners with a leading electronics manufacturer to power up their marketing ROI and boost their lead conversation through Pardot

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