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Salesforce Pardot

The Ultimate B2B Marketing Solution

Advertise with Insight | Market with Intelligence | Sell with Assurance
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The ultimate B2B marketing

As the ultimate B2B marketing solution from Salesforce, Pardot enables you to

  • Build relevant pipelines
  • Generate high-quality leads
  • Drive smarter engagement programs
  • Win more deals
  • Shorten the sales cycle
  • Personalize the customer journey at every turn

Pivot your marketing activities into productive campaigns with a complete suite of tools that automate and accelerate all your marketing processes starting from lead generation to business win. Pardot doesn't just bolster your Sales; it goes beyond and builds a meaningful relationship with prospects and customers to deliver results as well.

Salesforce reports that Pardot

Salesforce reports that Pardot users have experienced

Reduction in the Sales Cycle


Unified view of their Customers


Increased Customer Engagement


Pardot Features

Pardot Features

  • Form and Form Handler
  • Lead Generation
  • B2B Marketing Analytics
  • CRM Integration
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Competitors Tracking
  • ROI Reports
  • Engagement Studio
  • Website Visitors Tracking
  • Pre Built Templates
  • Connect Campaign
  • Salesforce and Pardot User sync
  • A/B Testing
  • Third Party Data Connection
  • Landing Page Builder

Key Features of Salesforce Pardot

Key Features of Salesforce Pardot

Pardot has an amazing suite of marketing tools that elevate your marketing campaign to a new orbit with the power of Einstein AI to give you predictive analysis on every aspect of marketing It provides your marketers and content creators to come up with highly engaging and relevant content with the help of prebuilt templates. These templates are fully customizable and fit according to every content type.. Here is a quick look at some of the key features

Key Features


Engagement Studio is the lead nurturing tool that binds your audience with powerful egagement programs. It completely automates email campaigns with multi-level scheduling and calculates deep analytics on the audience's reactions. Also, engagement Studio gives you the freedom to control the triggers and applying rules so your marketer can time their actions well.


Segmentation allows your marketers to tag your prospects with customized profiles and attributes for easy sorting, filtering, and organizing.


Pardot helps your marketers monitor landing pages to gather customer intel and track their digital footprints to gain insights on their intent.


Pardot Automation relieves your marketers from loads of manual labor by providing automation at every level with features like automated lead qualification and complete lead management.


Prospect management allows you to send mass emails to your list of customers and is also a great fit for one-to-one mailing. It manages lists for different campaigns and helps your marketers manage campaign lists.


It comes along with an amazing prebuilt template and customizable templates with easy click-and-drag features with which you can build unique landing pages for your marketing campaigns.

DemandBlue’s Pardot implementation

DemandBlue's Pardot implementation

Setup and Advisory

DemandBlue's Advisory team will consult with your stakeholders and marketers to understand your firm's goals and suggest the appropriate features and licenses to drive your campaign.

Quick deployment with visible results

Our consultants and developers will take care of all the rollout and enablement need to quickly derive measurable results, so you can track the progress right from the beginning.


We configure the settings to suit your specific business needs and enable workflow automation to set your marketers free of mundane tasks.

Integration and Data Migration

We enable Pardot's integration with the CRM and clean and de-duplicate your database before importing it into Pardot.

Training and Adoption

Last but not least, our Pardot experts will train your staff to adopt Pardot and help them go through the first few steps of creating and implementing a campaign.

Best Practices

DemandBlue's Pardot Implementation program is designed to help you adopt the best practices so that you may fully experience the full power of the benefits that Pardot features to deliver.

WHY DemandBlue?

WHY DemandBlue?

DemandBlue is a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner with proven expertise across multiple Salesforce Clouds that include Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Pardot. Our On Demand Services for Salesforce has been a hit among our customers with a flexible and scalable Pay-As-You-Use engagement model that allows clients to leverage our pool of certified resources at any time they need.

With our vast experience working with different customers across a variety of industries like Marketing, Construction, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Automotive, Healthcare, etc., we know how to unleash the power of Pardot and help you achieve exponential growth.

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