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Elevate your Marketing ROI with
DemandBlue’s Pardot Implementation Services.

Classic to Lightning Migration

At DemandBlue, we will work with you to elevate your marketing efficiency by incorporating marketing best practices and marketing automations to maximize your marketing returns through our Pardot Implementation Services. Our Pardot experts understand your marketing needs and develop an implementation plan to personalize Pardot and its features for your users. We will integrate Pardot with your Salesforce CRM and any other third-party platform to help your marketers devise data-driven marketing strategies that refine your marketing funnel output. Our implementation program drives your bottom line and allows you to effectively measure marketing attribution to help you reach the right customer at the right time with the right pricing.

As Pardot Specialists, we focus in providing a customized marketing journey to your customers through our tailored Pardot implementation. Our Pardot implementation team will accelerate your demand generation with comprehensive, personalized experiences. We conduct discovery sessions and work with your team to create marketing assets (dynamic email templates. intuitive landing pages, user-friendly forms, etc.) that align with your marketing strategy and define the metrics to measure success.

We help you optimize and leverage the most out of Pardot and its features, including Einstein AI capability, to generate sales-ready, high-quality, marketing-qualified leads that are proven to increase marketing effectiveness and help your sales close deals faster.

Aim high and Achieve more with Salesforce Pardot Implementation.

How DemandBlue’s Pardot Implementation redefines your marketing…

Access valuable customer insights

We provide a 360-degree view of your customers with our Salesforce Pardot implementation to help your marketers understand their preferences. Accessing the customer interactions and tracking customer activity helps bolster the effectiveness of marketing strategies to engage your customers better and target their needs.

Build personalized and Effective emails

Our Pardot implementation services help your team leverage the email templates that can be personalized individually for your leads and contacts to drive effective email marketing campaigns. This helps quickly create engaging and relevant content to maximize conversion and click-through rates.

Real-time campaign tracking

We enable live campaign tracking with sales and activity alerts so your team never misses an opportunity to close a deal. We help your team monitor your prospects and campaigns by tracking website visitors, Google AdWords and social media activities.

Our Pardot Offerings

Pardot Implementation Services

We understand your pain and fluctuating marketing needs that demand a flexible Pardot implementation to address all your touchpoints. At DemandBlue, we follow best practices and deliver a customized experience to tackle your challenges and resolve operational bottlenecks.

Pardot Integration Services

Our Salesforce Pardot offering also includes deep integration of Pardot with Salesforce CRM to enable unhindered two-way data synchronization. This saves time and effort for your marketers while adding value to marketing practices. On top of it, we also support 3rd party platform integration with Pardot so your marketers can leverage data to personalize the marketing campaigns. 

Pardot Consulting Services

DemandBlue houses a team of Pardot consultants with deep technical expertise, extensive industry experience, and a penchant for success. As a salesforce consulting partner, our experts will devise a complete implementation roadmap that covers all your touchpoints and personalizes your Pardot journey.

Pardot Automation Services

We enable the B2B marketing automation for Pardot to generate leads faster, build more pipelines and empower your sales. Our automation solution will eliminate manual tasks like reporting, sending emails, and analyzing marketing trends to forecast outcomes and recommendations.

Our five-step approach to Salesforce Pardot Implementation

Setup and Advisory

Our advisory team will work with your stakeholders and marketers to understand your organization’s goals and challenges. Based on the findings, we will put together a complete journey map that focuses on helping you go beyond your marketing goals and get rid of the operation challenges by maximizing the utility of appropriate and relevant features.


Customization is essential for your unique business needs. We configure Pardot to help your marketers personalize every customer interaction and campaign activity in all the marketing channels to resonate with the audience effectively. Our goal is to set up customized marketing automation to free your marketers from the burden of mundane tasks.


DemandBlue’s Pardot integration services include integrating Pardot with your Salesforce CRM for a deep and connected experience. This ensures a two-way data flow and prevents silo formation in your database.

Data Migration

We organize and segment your data before the migration process for a clean and clutter-free data transfer. Our Pardot experts will run health check-ups on the database, eliminate data silos and prevent any data duplication in the process.

Training and Adoption

As Pardot implementation partners, we train your end-users to accelerate the adoption process and conduct weekly webinars to help them get used to Pardot’s interface and features. Our team will answer every question and provide additional training sessions on any topic on an On Demand basis.

Success Stories

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