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Setting up your Business beyond the par by generating 35% more leads with Pardot Automation

by | Oct 4, 2019 | Blog

With growing revenue needs, there is an utter demand for freshly baked leads.  Maximizing the effectiveness of Pardot Automation is the healthiest way to generate new leads for your business requirement. Pardot is the stepping stone to propel your revenue to dizzy heights, as it has a reputation for throwing up guaranteed results.  Remember that there is no point in buying a guitar, if you don’t know how to play the strings.

One of our clients is a leading manufacturer and distributor of audio and software solutions with a worldwide reach of over 100 countries and has company-owned offices in countries like U.S., Canada, Europe, and China. They also deliver unique and innovative Electronics solutions like QSR Communication, Timer installations, and Wireless drive-thru headset systems. However, despite being a market giant, the client was facing the same problems that plagues most other organizations. So, they researched and invested in Pardot as it is the #1 B2B marketing automation tool.  After having implemented Pardot, the client still did not see any significant improvement in their customer acquisition speed.

 The constant challenge of ineffective Pardot usage:

The client wanted to expand their influence over the global market and was ready to take strategic marketing initiatives to reach its global audience. As they had already invested in Pardot, they wanted to continue with it, and utilize every feature and benefit that Pardot Automation has to offer to its maximum.  To this end, the client decided to consult a Pardot expert and so reached out to DemandBlue.

Active Solutions for fullest Pardot Automation:

DemandBlue’s Advisory team closely engaged with the client to understand their concurrent requirements and were able to give out a suitable solution for unleashing the true potential of Pardot Automation so they can lead their marketing campaign with a much-needed punch.

The client wanted to initiate their marketing campaign in Pardot through their e-book download campaign. They targeted to get at least a 50% jump in the lead acquisition percentage through this marketing campaign.

DemandBlue team created and implemented the client’s first custom landing page on their website. The landing page was embedded with a form that had an auto-fill option. This made it convenient for customers to fill-up the form and download the e-books with a single click. Ultimately, with the help of well-defined web-to-lead feature and Pardot Salesforce integration, the client was able to pull leads from Pardot to Salesforce through their e-book marketing campaign.

Along with all these enhancements, DemandBlue’s development team also enabled the dynamic email preferences option in Pardot. It helps in retaining the customers, avoids opt-outs, and smoothens the customer journey for the prospects and increases the number of closures done by the sales team.

How Pardot proves its worth:

Due to user-friendly landing pages and simplified downloading process, e-book download rates increased by 35 %.  This directly means an increase of 35% in the process of lead generation. Also, the enabled auto-fill option made it easier for users to access the e-books. A noticeable hike of 22% in the conversion rate of the newly generated leads branded their marketing campaign with the seal of success.

With Pardot Automation, we were able to score each lead to provide better insights into the lead’s activities and interests. This further enhances the chances for the sales team to close deals faster and effectively.

Pardot is a tool of success in the hands of skilled professionals. If you are looking for a resultful Pardot implementation, talk to us now!

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