Never miss another deal with Salesforce Opportunity management

Salesforce Opportunity Management

Selling is all about seizing opportunities and closing deals quickly and efficiently. This means it’s time to look at what hurdles and challenges actually stop us from being efficient and super-successful in closing deals with assurance. If your Sales reps continuously struggle to pipeline contacts and convert leads into viable customers, then there is a strong probability that data silos actively hinder their performance, leaving them behind with uncertain deal winning probabilities. This can lead your agents to overlook a once in a lifetime deal that could change the course of your business forever. Tackling such scenarios to maximize winning chances requires a smart and flexible management solution like Salesforce Opportunity management. Manage your Sales and prioritize deals while staying connected with people from anywhere.

How does Salesforce opportunity management work?

Salesforce Opportunity management is a complete setup that bubbles upcoming deals to your radar. It highlights the critical details of your customers and their activities to keep you updated on each and every aspect of the deal. Tracking deals get simplified; as it feeds the live status of ongoing and upcoming deals to guarantee that you don’t miss anything from your sales pipeline. With the tool creating quotes and generating PDF invoices just involves a wave of the magic wand or click of a mouse to be precise. Upgrading your Sales Cloud with Salesforce Opportunity Management is a smart choice to adopt. Let’s look at the other major features and benefits it brings along.

Salesforce Opportunity management is a magic potion for your Sales team

Salesforce Opportunity management is a Sales tool that boosts the efficiency level of your Sales reps by assisting them at each step of an ongoing deal. It is available for both Salesforce Lightning and Salesforce Classic Platforms and is highly recommended by users all across the industries. Create opportunities directly from the accounts you are working over with and skip the clutter of engaging with time-consuming logging processes. It includes essential details like pricing, quantity, discounts, etc. while tracking the deals with the account information. You can generate quotes in PDF formats with the right template and quickly send it to your clients via email. The best part of all is that these wondrous and productive features are just a few clicks away.

4 Game-Changing Features of Salesforce Opportunity management

  • Salesforce Opportunity management enables your Sales reps to track not just deals but leads, contacts, and their activities to provide detailed reports.
  • It consolidates the workplace into one screen to give reps an eagle’s eye view of your Sales to generate reports that include all the major vital components.
  • Its user-friendly UI gives you the ability to customize your dashboard and reports with the drag and drop feature.
  • It lets managers and key stakeholders have a better and firmer control over the internal process by giving the ability to monitor tasks effectively, hold meetings, and send emails right from your Mobile App.

Salesforce Opportunity management pushes your Sales team to do more

Salesforce Opportunity Management brings the best out of your Sales team and bolsters the ROI over many folds. More than 76% of users recommend it as a must-have management tool for your firm’s revenue growth and have experienced an immediate rise in the number of closed deals. With Salesforce opportunity management, it’s not just about winning deals, it’s more about winning over customers.

To learn more about leveraging the latest Salesforce Opportunity management features, talk to our team now!

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