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Marketing Cloud is an all-in-one Marketing platform that makes your brand stand out in the crowd. Marketing Cloud allows you to engage your audience, personalize customer journeys, and establish a brand presence, all within a single platform.

Understand your customer better

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, understanding your customer becomes seamless as it connects data from different sources and collects data across multiple channels and devices to capture a holistic view.

Capture data across all sources, understand customer intent and personalize their experience with the smart intelligence of Einstein. Let Marketing Cloud drive growth by breaking through new audience segments.

Engage and Analyze

Create a real-time dialogue with a prospect to smoothly transition from awareness to interest to desire and, finally, the action. Salesforce Marketing Cloud not only facilitates your marketers with simple A/B testing but provides tools and reporting capabilities to understand the marketing attribution and integrates with Google Analytics 360 so you can measure your success end-to-end with clarity.

According to the Salesforce Report,
Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Users reported


Reduction in B2C Sales Cycles


of Users experienced effective Email Campaigns


of Users captured new customer types

Creating an uninterrupted marketing experience

Creating an uninterrupted marketing experience that binds your audience at every stage of the relationship

Salesforce Marketing Cloud runs personal lead nurturing programs that enhance your conversion percentage. It's a powerful B2C tool that packs a lot of intuitive features that fulfill every criterion that your marketing team needs now and can think of in the future. The following are the different tools available as part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform.

Salesforce DMP

Salesforce DMP is an exceptional data management tool that gathers every speck of information on your customers. It tracks their online presence to build out customer intelligence that leads campaigns.

Content Builder

Content Builder helps your marketers and content creators to come up with highly engaging and relevant content with the help of the default template. These prebuilt templates are fully customizable and can be adjusted to fit according to your needs.

Social Studio

Social Studio monitors your company accounts on social media like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. Sales Rep's social accounts and maximizes social media interactions through a single platform.

Interaction Studio

It allows you to personalize content and responses based on your prospect's interests. It helps your marketers generate undeniably interactive content that continuously engages your customers.

Journey Builder

Journey Builder leads your prospect through a structured customer journey powered by data and analytics.

Advertising Studio

Advertise smart with Salesforce Advertising Studio. It Automates your ad campaigns based on customer history to set your paid campaign ROI soaring.

Our simplified

Our simplified Marketing Cloud implementation strategy

Why DemandBlue

Why DemandBlue?

DemandBlue is a Salesforce Silver Partner with proven expertise in Marketing Cloud and Pardot implementation . Our On Demand Services for Salesforce has been a hit among our customers with its Pay-As-You-Use model and also as it allows them to leverage our pool of certified resources at any time they need.

With our vast experience working with different customers across a variety of industries like Marketing, Construction, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Automotive, Healthcare, etc., we know how to unleash the power of Marketing Cloud and help you achieve exponential growth.

Here are some reasons why our
On-Demand Model
will suit your business.


    On Demand, services save time by eliminating the need to create SOW's, ensures quick kickoff and early product delivery.


    On Demand Services provide flexibility in scaling resources up or down depending on business dynamics.


    It is a Pay-As-You-Use model where customers can subscribe to this service for a specific period. The customers will have to pay only for what they have used.


    Unlike any traditional service model like fixed-bit or Time & Material, our model is Red Tape free and easy to asses.


    There is no fixed-price contract with tedious/meticulous paperwork On Demand, Services are available 24/7. We will invest in the knowledge transfer and be available for customers On Demand.

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