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What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and why is it a top choice for Marketers?

by | Mar 9, 2022 | Blog, Marketing Cloud

Businesses today are no longer competing against each other; they’re competing against speed!

In today’s digital business world, to be a winner, it is imperative to implement a powerful data analysis that clearly shows the activity and links between your business outcome and your customer’s journey. Organizations that participate in data-driven marketing and operations hold a distinct advantage for customer acquisition and retention. 

Marketing leaders understand that fostering a strong relationship with customers drives sales, and the sales team can cross-sell and upsell multiple offerings across various services. A consistent marketing strategy powered by enterprise tools such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud adds value to your business and boosts your marketing and sales team’s efficiency.

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and how effective is it for B2B and B2C marketers?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is an enterprise-grade digital platform that helps optimize marketing efforts and allows you to personalize every customer experience. With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can customize customer touchpoints, automate marketing activities, and build multi-channel journeys to connect with customers. The Marketing Cloud provides an array of add-on features and integrated solutions such as email studio, social studio, mobile studio, interaction studio, advertising studio, content management, and creation to personalize every marketing activity.

Touchpoints and benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud:

    • Organize cross-channel marketing campaigns to deliver relevant and meaningful content to customers.
    • Create targeted customer journeys and personalized customer interactions based on real-time customer behavior. 
    • Analyze each campaign’s data and customers’ behavior under one intuitive dashboard to fuel your opportunity pipeline.  
    • Create impact analysis through measurement of data from customer journeys collected from different channels and devices. Marketing Cloud uses AI and third-party data to create impact analysis.
    • Improve operational efficiency and generate better leads with marketing automation. The automation tool simplifies email activity, file transfer activity, and data verification.

Enables data-driven messaging across channels

Salesforce Marketing Cloud delivers individualized messages to each contact based on their behavioral data and past interaction with the brand. You can have multiple paths based on contact and journey data. The journey data demonstrates how a contact has interacted with the marketing cloud journey. The journey data assist in multiple ways:

    • After a purchase, customers may receive multiple emails. The journey data tool detects whether customers open or interact with the corresponding mail and configures further emails based on their behavior.
    • If a prospect is converted into a customer, the Marketing Cloud removes the contact from the prospect path (list of data) and passes it to the new-customer journey path for further interactions.

Supports multi-channel messaging for pre and post purchases

The journey builder in the marketing cloud allows you to develop journeys that consist of direct mailing, messaging service, and post-purchase communication with customers. The multi-channel messaging service supports customer service-related inquiries quickly. It also helps in post communication services such as product delivery information, shipment status, registration, and more. 

Salesforce Marketing Automation provides critical benefits:

  • It empowers marketers to construct messages based on each customer’s engagement level and target them with a simplified customer buying journey. 
  • The Marketing Cloud provides a better understanding of your customers with a detailed dashboard including demographics of the marketing activity and buyers’ behavior. 
  • The powerful analytical tool gives a clear view of your marketing results in real time. The analytical tool helps to understand the engagement factor, social impact, and overall spending.
  • With tools such as journey builder, email studio, and social studio, you can magnify the opportunity pipeline and streamline the customer interaction with your brand.

Enhance your Marketing Experience with Marketing Cloud Tools

  • Interaction Studio
    Interaction Studio helps you personalize content and interactions based on your customer’s interests and behavioral journey.
  • Content Builder
    This helps your marketers and content creators develop highly engaging and relevant content.
  • Journey Builder
    Journey Builder enable your marketers lead your prospect through a structured customer journey powered by data and analytics.
  • Social Studio
    Enhance your social monitoring and social listening with Social Studio. This also helps streamline your social media campaigns and improves your brand presence.
  • Advertising Studio
    As a critical component of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Suite, Advertising Studio helps create and manage your personalized marketing campaigns based on customer data. It helps your marketers become savvy advertisers with Salesforce Advertising Studio
  • Email Studio
    Email Studio is an effective and much-needed tool that enables your marketers to create personalized email campaigns – ranging from basic newsletters to emails for complex campaigns. It allows you to get started quickly without the need for any coding.

Why DemandBlue for Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation?

DemandBlue is a certified Salesforce partner with proven expertise for Marketing Cloud implementations through our On Demand Services. We can assist you with the implementation of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud by: 

    • Offering an affordable Pay-As-You-Use engagement model where you pay only for the services you consume.
    • Our developments are agile and On Demand, which promises quick and early product delivery. 
    • DemandBlue offers resource scalability—scale up or down—based on your fluctuating business needs. 
    • Our On Demand Service model helps to reduce the total cost of ownership by 50%, which is less than most traditional options, thus reducing the implementation cost. 

Leverage DemandBlue’s On Demand Services for your Marketing Cloud implementation

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a relevant solution for virtually all industries, irrespective of the size of the business. DemandBlue can help you configure and customize Salesforce Marketing Cloud to match your business needs. With our end-to-end implementation, you can improve marketing efforts, streamline lead opportunity flow, and manage your cross-channel marketing efforts. When it comes to Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation service—whether it’s configuration or any other processes—our team promises to refine the platform and maximize your return on investment.

Talk to our experts today to learn more about our Marketing Cloud offerings.

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