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Salesforce Iot Cloud

Salesforce IoT Cloud (Internet of Things) is a hot topic today, which is going to provide a lot of opportunities with a lot of challenges. IoT is a giant network of connected things.  It’s a connection between people-thing, thing-thing, and thing–people. So, basically, IoT is nothing but the technology which connects the people and all the possible things in the world to make human life easier.

For example:  Consider a car which has access to calendar and whenever you are stuck in traffic, the car automatically notifies the event organizer that you will be late to meeting.

Today the term IoT is commonly used to signify advanced connectivity devices, systems and services that go beyond machine-to-machine communications, and includes a variety of protocols, domains, and applications.

What is Salesforce IoT cloud?

Salesforce has introduced a new platform called Salesforce IoT Cloud, which mainly focuses on transforming connected devices into useful customer data. The platform uses the data harvested from devices to enrich the customer interactions proactively in real time.

In general, Salesforce IoT cloud connects data from websites, social interactions, and applications to Salesforce.

 Backbone of Salesforce IoT Cloud:

The backbone of Salesforce IoT cloud is Thunder, an event-processing engine. Four open source platforms of Big Data, which has been utilized to build Thunder are:

  • Apache Spark
  • Apache Storm
  • Apache Kafka, a messaging technology built by LinkedIn
  • Apache Cassandra.

Using Thunder, the new Salesforce IoT Cloud connects customers with real-time data from devices such as phones, windmills, and industrial turbines as well as data from websites, social interactions, and blogs.


Salesforce IoT cloud can be integrated with other Salesforce clouds such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Apps cloud. Sales and Marketing team can use the data from connected products to take action, create new products and services that delight customers and increase their loyalty.

A smart thermostat company can utilize the Salesforce IoT Cloud to pull in data from millions of homes around the world, including from mobile apps, weather forecasts, power grids and the thermostat themselves. That data would then be analyzed and would be able to flag up potential problems, ranging from the relatively low battery through to altering about bad weather conditions.

Strength of IoT Cloud:

  • To make the data collection process easier for business users.
  • Less-technical users no longer need to rely on data analysts to get the most out of the data.  The Salesforce IoT Cloud features an event-processing engine that ingests billions of events per day.
  • The platform allows customers to build rules on top of that data to identify specific events to act on. The IoT Cloud has output connectors attached to it that are able to connect to any other Salesforce cloud or third-party system a company chooses.

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