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Everything you need to know about Salesforce in Retail

by | Apr 8, 2018 | Blog

You wake up in the morning to see mobile ads with tag-lines like “10% cash back on purchase”. It would be a matter of time to make the purchase if the offer on the product interests you.  Gone are the days when we should go to the shops to get everything we want. With the advent and advance of e-commerce, today’s customers are arm-chair shoppers. They expect Omni channel support, self-service options for resolving issues, and effortless service at every touch point. Hence to be a market leader in retail space, you need to have the right platforms like Salesforce in Retail to create a unified customer experience across all channels.

The platform should also tightly couple your retail executives, service center agents, e-commerce channels, distribution networks with the customers. Can Salesforce be one such platform? The features offered by Salesforce in Retail sector convinces us to believe so.

Salesforce in retail is a specific offering that allows retailers to leverage the power of social, mobile and cloud. Do you want to know the favorite color of your customer? The products they’ve pinned as favorites in Pinterest and many more “interest areas” of the customers that interests you? Salesforce1 for Retail ticks a “Yes” to all the questions above.

Salesforce1 for retail has many salient features. Mobile Clienteling feature empowers the sales associate to possess this 360-degree information of customers, right at their fingertips. Salesforce Retail sectors enables you to create custom social and mobile communities. These communities build an eco-system for customers, partners and employees to connect and collaborate with one another.  All these features can surely help to build one-one relationships with shoppers across every channel.

After a while, you notice that some customers consistently visit a product on your website and abandon it. You were successful in targeting the customer to know your product.B ut now you don’t have an idea behind the aversion of a customer to buy your product. Again Salesforce in retail can help you here. The “Predictive Decisions” feature of the Marketing Cloud helps to immediately determine the nature of the information that appeals to the customer and the communication mode to achieve the conversion.

66% of customers say that they would spend more time with a retailer for improved customer service. To solidify this notion, about 75% of customers have spent more due to positive service interactions. If the service offerings of Salesforce in Retail sector appear as a promising tool to improve customer service, do you need to wait anymore?

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