Unboxing Salesforce Winter ’20 edition| Accelerate the adoption with Salesforce In-App guidance

Salesforce In-App Guidance

Along with numerous global events taking place this winter, Salesforce has also released its much-awaited Winter ’20 edition. And, as always, Salesforce has exceeded the expectations by a fair margin with its Winter ’20 edition feature updates. The Salesforce team has put significant efforts in revitalizing the productivity and product adoption with the help of In-App guidance. Salesforce In-App guidance is a point-and-click feature that gives complete control over Salesforce prompts. These prompts are incredibly beneficial for the user experience; it helps in managing changes, catalyzing adoption, On-boarding, and highlighting feature. Its ability to work out without any coding requirement gives it an edge over the other competitors in the market and makes it readily operable without the knowledge to code.

Salesforce In-App guidance was previously released in Salesforce Summer ’19 as beta edition, but this time it comes with complete support of managing licenses and automated prompt updates. The new release comes with a brand new master toggle bar, which helps in completely deactivating all the prompts, and quickly initiate the testing. Unlike the previous version of itself, there is no more need to copy-paste the webpage URLs to start testing the selected prompt. Now, all this trouble can be saved just by clicking one simple “Start Testing” button. The test mode is packed with comprehensive information and prompt details like account names, status, prompt author, and closing dates. The orchestration engine, which is the driving force behind Salesforce In-App guidance, makes sure that no user sees more than one prompt in a 24-hour period.

5 High-end benefits of Salesforce In-App guidance:

1. It is an efficient tool for training and on-boarding your staff onto the Salesforce work environment. These prompts will help your team become familiar with all different operations like Opportunity score, Einstein Search, Dashboards, Reports, Calendar, etc.

2. The new Salesforce In-App guidance overcomes the delays in the testing procedure and gives specific users first-hand experience of Salesforce prompts.

3. Salesforce In-App guidance comes with new cloning features, which makes it possible to quickly come up with new prompts for the users who have already been serviced before.

4. Salesforce has added a new functional toggle bar, which consolidates all the major operations like Hiding Salesforce prompts, activating the test mode, and a button to initiate the testing in just one click.

5. Along with all these embellishments, Salesforce In-App guidance has also taken care of a few more minor limitations like now the text editor has two styles for listing, the URL length is increased from 256 characters to 1000 characters, and much more!

Learn faster, Deploy faster with the latest version of Salesforce In-App guidance:

Every year Salesforce never ceases to astonish us with their upgrades in the winter edition, and just like every year, Salesforce Winter ’20 is impactful. It’s newly upgraded In-App guidance feature is a big hit in making the training and adoption procedure smoother. It helps the user to explore the diverse branches of Salesforce effectively by highlighting the key features of all different aspects of Salesforce. Salesforce In-App guidance does not just improve and ease the adoption process for newcomers but also guides the Salesforce veterans to outrun themselves as well.

This Winter, train and adapt like never before with Salesforce In-App guidance. To know more about the Winter ‘20 Edition and how these upgrades can help propel your efficiency, Talk to us now!!

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