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Enabling businesses to create lasting competitive advantage through Salesforce Implementation

A well-orchestrated Salesforce implementation can significantly improve workplace productivity and transform brand experiences. Salesforce Customer Success Report indicates that Salesforce implementation -

Increases sales productivity by 44%
Customer service agent productivity by 34%
Marketing ROI by 25%

However, Salesforce implementation requires a strategic approach and profound experience to drive the desired results – it could be complex, time-consuming, ineffective and expensive for an organization with no prior experience. DemandBlue is a dedicated Salesforce Consulting Partner with deep industry knowledge and expertise to deliver transformative solutions for your unique Salesforce needs. We leverage our unique On Demand Service model to deliver high-quality Salesforce implementation services quickly and cost-effectively, at minimal risk to our clients.

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Salesforce Implementation

DemandBlue’s Approach

Salesforce implementation is a complex process. At DemandBlue, we evaluate your current and future needs to strategically align a Salesforce implementation, for your specific business goals and objectives, in a four-step process. We achieve this by dividing the implementation project into the following four key phases and employ our DemandBlue team of technical experts at every step.



DemandBlue’s Customer Success Managers (CSMs) and consultants work closely with your stakeholder team to discuss and understand current business processes and future states.

Functionalities / Processes / Workflows

Existing processes, functionalities and workflows will be analyzed to get a 360-degree view of the current systems and technologies – to strategize future roadmaps that will drive tangible results.

User Persona

We understand how different user personas will be using the system and will adapt responses to different users from the user interface, security and process perspective. It is crucial for us to have a deep understanding of users to build a system that provides restricted access based on the varying levels of your company’s user personas.

Data Volume and Format

Data Volume and format differs with each org. We will carefully evaluate data quantity, quality and structure – to identify if data needs to be imported from different sources.

Coexisting Data or Apps

Oftentimes, enterprises use different applications and systems that require seamless integration into the Salesforce platform. Strategic Salesforce Integration will ensure frictionless end-user experiences where multiple applications and data can be accessed using a single interface.



From choosing the right Salesforce edition to defining the key functionalities, processes and workflows, our strategic approach towards project planning ensures that your Salesforce implementation goals are met.

Functionalities, Processes and Workflows

The key functionalities of the platform like customer acquisition, lead generation, campaign management need to be defined – to create processes and workflows for the implementation. We will assess your business requirements to narrow down the functionalities, processes and workflows that need to be implemented in Salesforce.

App integration

All the applications and systems that need to be integrated with the Salesforce CRM are reviewed and schemed out for integration. We also ensure that these app integrations work consistently across all platforms and devices.

License and Edition

Each Salesforce License is an investment to the company and must be chosen wisely to optimize value. We understand that Salesforce editions can only be upgraded and not downgraded, so we help clients choose the right Salesforce edition and the number of Licenses based on the end-user adoption.

Data Migration Plan

This is one of the key and yet overlooked aspects of the Planning phase as data migration without proper planning could result in data duplication and other discrepancies. We carefully review and clean the data before migrating them to the new Salesforce instance.



From choosing the right Salesforce edition to defining the key functionalities, processes and workflows, our strategic approach towards project planning ensures that your Salesforce implementation goals are met.

User-based Data Access

The features, functionalities, access and permissions differs with each role in an organization. Each user is assigned with a specific license, providing access to specific features and functionalities.

Setup Processes and Workflows

Based on the business requirements gathered during the Assessment phase, the DemandBlue team will be configuring the business process as appropriate for you. Examples of processes are Forecasting, Campaigns and Lead, Account, Opportunity and Case Management.

Set up Automation, Reports & Dashboard

Automation of processes drastically saves time while significantly increasing agent productivity and efficiency. The DemandBlue team will set up automation wherever possible to efficiently perform certain processes and workflows. Reports and Dashboards will be created to measure the success of the respective teams and provide warning signs where applicable so that corrective measures can be taken at the right time.



A great Salesforce implementation wouldn’t make sense if the end-users won’t use it. The success of a Salesforce implementation predominantly depends on user adoption. That’s why our Salesforce implementation strategies are directed towards frictionless end-user experiences. We carefully analyze the challenges involved in user adoption – one of the core challenges being – lack of training and knowledge on the new platform. Our post-implementation strategy includes hands-on training to the internal stakeholders aimed at driving user adoption and value.

Pay Only

How is DemandBlue different?
Pay Only for What You Use

DemandBlue’s difference lies in our unique On Demand Services (ODS) for Salesforce engagement model that provides flexible and scalable Pay-As-You-Use skills and services. We are exclusively designed and operate to meet your fluctuating business needs. Our ODS model offers:

Proven implementation methodology and processes.

Ongoing value through Continuous Engagement and On Demand Execution.

Keeps you up to date with Salesforce releases and critical updates.

Flexibility to consume as much as you want or as little as you need.

Dedicated customer portal to meter and measure project status at every level of engagement and much more.


To accelerate Business Value through strategic Salesforce implementation

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