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Everything you need to know about Salesforce Implementation Partners in Dubai

by | Jan 20, 2023 | Blog, SF Implementation

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, businesses in Dubai need a robust and secure customer relationship management (CRM) system to stay competitive. Salesforce is one of the most reliable and scalable software solutions to help businesses unlock immense value while powering their success.

With automated and integrated workflows, enriched data relationships, and enhanced customer communication, Salesforce provides the modern enterprise business in Dubai with the powerful tools they need to achieve maximum efficiency and drive innovative endeavors. With a 19.8% market share in the CRM landscape, Salesforce is the market leader, and it is undoubtedly the first choice for enterprise businesses in Dubai to meet their CRM needs. This blog post will discuss how enterprise businesses in Dubai can leverage Salesforce’s functionality for more significant business growth in 2023.

Who is a Salesforce Implementation Partner?

A Salesforce implementation partner is an organization that Salesforce has certified and approved to implement Salesforce products and solutions to its customers. These partners are technology companies with the appropriate resources, tools, and certified professionals that are scalable on demand. Additionally, they follow extensive requirements-gathering protocols to ensure a complete picture of business needs.

Salesforce implementation partners are experts, and they understand the platform’s nuances in depth.

What can a business expect from a Salesforce Implementation Partner?

Any enterprise business in Dubai looking to implement Salesforce should understand the full extent of the capabilities and contributions the implementation partner can provide. An ideal Salesforce implementation partner will offer the following skills or more.

Detailed Assessment and Analysis

Conduct an in-depth analysis of the existing systems and processes to understand the gaps and identify the root cause of the pain points. Then, explore the possibilities of automation and process improvement to achieve organizational excellence and increase revenue.

Product Selection

This is the critical part of the implementation. This involves selecting the right Salesforce product or a combination of products with the configurations and integrations that best suit your business needs.

Design and Application Configuration

Proper architecture and design ensure that your implementation aligns with your objective and business requirements. Salesforce consultants will configure the new application and integrate it with the existing ones with the least disruption or friction.

End-to-End Guidance

A seasoned partner will offer end-to-end guidance and expert advice throughout the Salesforce implementation. They work closely with customers to understand objectives, create a customized solution, configure the Salesforce solution, integrate it with other systems, and develop custom features.

Build a future-ready solution

Build a Salesforce solution resilient to future changes with updates, security, and customization. Your Salesforce implementation partner will build a sustainable solution to accommodate not only your current needs but your future needs as well.

Analyzing the required Salesforce resources

Based on your business requirements, your partner will suggest the involvement of the required Salesforce-certified personnel from their pool of resources. They can be administrators, consultants, architects, developers, and more based on your requirement to ensure a seamless Salesforce implementation.

Data Migration

For a successful Salesforce implementation, the partner must handle and migrate the data to Salesforce with utmost care. Implementation partners will cleanse, map, and migrate your data to fit the precise requirements of your new business flow and process.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is part of any Salesforce implementation and involves testing all aspects of the new implementation. This helps partners and businesses verify that the implementation has been done correctly and that the implementation is done as architected and designed and meets the business requirements.

Training and Support

Any new implementation is a change for the end users using the application. Therefore, change Management is critical for the success of the implementation and user adoption. For that, the end users need adequate training. Skills transfer will provide an in-depth understanding of the many functionalities and give access to resources that help to adopt the Salesforce platform quickly.

Some partners may offer a combination of the above based on their expertise and your needs.

Asking the right questions

Businesses that implement Salesforce for the first time should have or acquire enough knowledge to ask the right questions to the partner about Salesforce. This will widen the conversation and improve transparency between both parties.

It is a two-way conversation for businesses with prior exposure to Salesforce implementation. Businesses will know the right questions to ask the partner and expect them to ask insightful questions to set the stage for an in-depth consultation.

The ideal questions are usually aimed at identifying the right partner; for example:

  • Do you have experience working in this industry and with a business similar to ours?
  • Tell us about your Salesforce certifications.
  • What is your implementation methodology? And show us a few instances where it has worked successfully.
  • What is your pricing model, and how will you handle the budgets?
  • What is the extent of your implementation experience?
  • Will you provide us with long-term support?

These questions will get the business deeper into the conversation and help find the right implementation partner. To know more about finding the right implementation partner, read this blog.

Where to begin?

This article hopefully gives you a good starting perspective. Then, with clear expectations and goals, enterprise businesses operating from Dubai can find and engage the best Salesforce implementation partners.

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