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With its intuitive architecture powered by Einstein AI, Salesforce helps Technology and Software companies
to push the boundaries and stay at the forefront of technology

High tech is characterized by constant change and innovation. In order to stay ahead of the curve, businesses need to put their customers and their customers’ customers at the heart of everything they do. Be it in building up a considerable sales pipeline through an efficient lead management system or in streamlining customer service requests to appropriate reps for faster ticket resolution, Salesforce is in the heart of innovation. With its intuitive architecture powered by Einstein AI, Salesforce helps Technology and Software companies to push the boundaries and stay at the forefront of technology.

Impact of Salesforce for the High Tech Industry

  • 30% better process visibility and sales pipeline.
  • 50% enhanced customer satisfaction through 360-degree customer view.
  • 70% Increased ROI on sales investments.

Priorities for High Tech Companies:

  • Strategic partnerships
    enabled by Community Cloud
  • Acquire more customers
    enabled by Sales Cloud
  • Provide prompt and pleasant service
    enabled by Service Cloud
  • Innovation with products
    enabled by Chatter

Benefits of Salesforce to High Tech

Embrace Omni-channel Service

With Salesforce Service Cloud, users can add social customer service to their toolbox, and work on integrating mobile, live chat, email and web self-service to deliver a more seamless, “omni-channel” approach to customer service.

Crowdsource Innovation

To gain competitive advantage, high-tech firms are gathering new ideas and using product feedback to quickly fuel customer-driven improvements and crowdsourced innovation. Time to market is accelerated by prioritizing ideas and getting deeper insights into what customers are asking for by using social collaboration tools such as Chatter - apart of Salesforce’s Community Cloud platform.

Digital Transformation

The Salesforce platform allows high-tech businesses to automate, connect, and scale business processes using technology. Companies can quickly build and deploy business applications with point-and-click ease. They can use AppExchange to capitalize on new opportunities or meet demands for CPQ, sales forecasting, renewal management, or workflow automation.

Power Partner Automation

Channel partners have significant influence over business growth for high-tech companies. Community Cloud has the ability to bring together a multitude of partner processes like onboarding, deal registration, MDF, social collaboration, file sharing, groups, targeted recommendations to keep the partners engaged.

Agility in the Cloud

Salesforce’s new responsive analytic platform not only gives everyone the ability to create beautiful, mobile-friendly reports and dashboards, but gives developers the power to build an analytics app for any need that can be customized, connected, and deployed quickly in the cloud.

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