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Salesforce offers an integrated sales, service and marketing
Solutions that are breaking down silos and helping create a cohesive, personalized customer experience across all departments, and through all channels of communication.

From tellers at retail banks to wealth management advisors, Salesforce is revolutionizing how financial institutions cater to their customers.

Financial Services companies employ industry-specific and function-specific third-party tools unique to their business. At DemandBlue, we’ve strategically integrated Salesforce to their third-part tools to provide a 360-degree view of their business. Our Salesforce customizations have improved efficiency and productivity to ultimately enhance their Salesforce ROI.

Impact of Salesforce on Financial Institutions-

  • 36% increase in customer satisfaction
  • 50% of the Financial Services firms use CRM
  • Financial Institutions believe CRM-based systems have the ability to earn and retain more customers
  • Because of Salesforce, 45% of bank customers interact with their institution through a mobile channel

The Salesforce Advantage

Wealth Management

Create lasting impressions across your clientele through personalized services. As data and insight-driven approach strengthens customer relationships, it also enhances your overall organizational efficiency.


Omni-channel integration is key to delivering outstanding customer service. Meeting the needs of your policyholder becomes easy across social, web, email, etc. – all from a single dashboard.


Integrate your business with Salesforce CRM and get access to customer profiles across business lines. Create new opportunities to engage with prospect customers using smart insights and convert more leads to sales.

Defined Client Relationship Management

With the best networking and analytical tools in the industry, Salesforce helps attract promising leads. Wealth management firms can easily maintain client relationships based on high performing assets.

Multiple layers of security

Salesforce Shield provides three layers of security. With Platform Encryption, Events Monitoring, and Field Audit trails, companies can create forensic-data level audit with years of history.

Manage Regulatory Compliance

Salesforce helps you keep up with compliance regulations with an option to set up alerts. All its security and data access measures meet internal and external regulatory standards.

Customizable Mobile application

Salesforce allows for custom app development on their platform. These applications can be both web-based and mobile.

Need help with deciding which CRM is right for your financial institution or help with customizing and upgrading current installation? Contact our consultants and we will work with you to devise the perfect integration strategy, approach, and plan that will work with your budget and current infrastructure.

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