Salesforce Files connect & Box

Salesforce Files Connect

Salesforce Files Connect is the all-new feature in Salesforce that bridges your External Document Management System to your Salesforce.

File accessing, sharing & managing made easy!

The Box is one such system that can be integrated with your Salesforce to access files and folders. The Box enables Salesforce users to access, easily share, and manage files within Salesforce. You can set up Salesforce files connect for Box now with just a few clicks. Let’s see how the connection is made-

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Step 1: Enabling Salesforce Files Connect

Go to Build->Customize->Salesforce Files->Settings->Files Connect. Click on the edit to enable files connect. In the file sharing setting, select ’Copy’ or ‘Reference.’

Copy mode stores a copy of Box artifact in Salesforce. In Reference mode, there is a reference to the artifact in Box. In Salesforce, the access to the file will require the user to have access to the file in Box.

Files Connect settings

Step 2:   Files Connect User Access Permissions
The setting up of user permissions for Files Connect is the next step. One way to achieve this is via permission sets.

Create a new Permission Set “Files Connect PS” with License Type as “None.” Assign “Files Connect Cloud” System permission as shown below.





Click on “Manage Assignments” button to assign the Permission Set to Users.

Step 3: Auth Provider Creation

Now we are required to set up an auth provider.

  • Go to Quick Find in setup and find Auth Provider and click “New.
  • Select the Provider Type as “OpenID Connect.”
  • Enter the Name and URL suffix
  • Enter a dummy value for Consumer Key and Consumer Secret,
  • To Authorize Endpoint URL use and for Token Endpoint URL use

Click on save. And you will be taken to an Auth Provider detail screen. Scroll down and copy the value of “Callback URL.”  You might need it for the next step.

Step 4: Configuration in Box

Follow the below steps to create a new Box Application to generate the Client Id, Client Secret and to provide the Callback URL that is generated in the previous step.

  • Navigate to (Currently free-trial setup is provided. If Box is already purchased, then that URL can be used)
  • Login in as administrator.
  • Create a New Box Application.
  • Open configuration on menu bar.
  • Select “Standard O Auth 2.0” as the Authentication method.
  • Copy “Client Id” and “Client Secret” generated. These will replace the dummy values in Auth Provider configuration (Step 3).
  • Paste the “Callback URL” from Step 3 and save the changes. Box configuration after Saving is depicted below.

Step 5: Reconfiguring Auth Provider
Replace the dummy values in “Consumer Key” and “Consumer Secret” with ‘’Client Id” and “Client Secret” obtained in step 4.
Step 6: Creating External Data Source

To create an external data source for Box in Salesforce is the next step.

  • Go to Setup->Build->Develop->External Data Source.
  • Click on New External Data Source.
  • The Name field can contain only alphanumeric characters and underscores. It must be unique, should begin with a letter, not include spaces, not end with an underscore, and not contain two consecutive underscores
  • In Type Select Files Connect: Box.
  • Identity Type is Per User. Authentication Protocol is O Auth 2.0.
  • In Authentication Provider, click on the lookup. Select the Authentication Provider that we created in step 5
  • Leave the scope field blank.
  • Click Save.

Step 7: Configuring Permission Set

  • Navigate to the Permission Set “Files Connect PS” created earlier, search for “External Data Source Access” and click Edit to move the Data Source created earlier to “Enabled External Data Sources” pane.
  • Click Save.


It’s time to test it. Select “Files” Tab. Now you can access data from Box in Salesforce.

Yes, it’s that simple! You can now access files or folders from your Salesforce in a jiffy! This seamless integration  is not unique only to Box, but is possible with a range of cloud file storage applications including Salesforce integration with Google Drive, Amazon Drive, Drop Box,  Microsoft one Drive, etc. So, what are you waiting for? For a deeper dive into the Salesforce Files Connect for Box, Click here

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