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Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein empowers your Sales team to work smarter with Artificial Intelligence

Gather intelligence on your prospects, analyze their web print, predict their intent, pitch in at the right moment, and close the deal like a champion!

Your Customer Service team need not always “react” to customer queries and demands. Rather they can now learn enough about customer preference, anticipate their needs, and approach them with the correct solution to not just solve their issues, but pave way for up-selling, cross-selling and more revenue with Einstein!

Let your Marketing team personalize their campaigns with a bounty of prospect intelligence. Focus your campaigns with different messages for different audience and distinct personas. Make your prospects feel special and convert them to qualified leads and bolster your sales funnel!

Collect data. Perform analytics. Gain insights. Predict reactions. Understand their emotion. Let bots do your work

Say “Hello” to Salesforce Einstein,the most advanced and user friendly AI

Here are some incredible tools that can transform the way you do business


DemandBlue is a Salesforce Consulting Partner with proven expertise across multiple clouds including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Pardot. Our On Demand Services for Salesforce has been a hit among our customers with flexible and scalable Pay-As-You-Use engagement model that allows for clients to leverage our pool of certified resources at any time they need.

With our vast experience working with different customers across a variety of industries like Marketing, Construction, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Automotive, Healthcare, etc., we know how to unleash the power of AI and help you achieve exponential growth.


It is a Pay-As-You-Use model, and the customers can subscribe to this service for a specific period. The customers will have to pay only for what they have used.


Unlike any traditional service model like fixed-bit or Time & Material, our model is Red Tape free and easy to asses.


On Demand services provide flexibility in scaling resources up or down depending on business dynamics.


On Demand services save time by eliminating the need to create SOW’s, ensures quick kickoff and early product delivery.


On Demand services are available 24/7. We will invest in the knowledge transfer and be available for customers On Demand.

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