Smarter business with the AI-powered data scientist, Einstein Discovery

Salesforce Einstein Discovery

In this highly competitive market, organizations are constantly trying to analyze their data and make informed decisions to outrun their competitors. That is where data analytics and data scientists play a major role. With an enormous amount of data available to work with, these data scientists analyze several dataset combinations, apply mathematical models, and provide insights that help organizations take the correct decision. While this has worked well so far, with time being a rare commodity, organizations are looking for tools that can provide quicker and smarter solutions. With AI and ML advancing by leaps and bounds, there is no shortage of business intelligence tools in the market. Salesforce Einstein Discovery is an AI-powered data analytics tool that stands out from the crowd because of its powerful performance and unheard-of simplicity in use.

Unbiased predictions as AI meets Data Discovery

The Einstein Discovery platform by the World’s #1 CRM, Salesforce, exploits the power of Machine Learning to provide you with accurate and precise explanations, powerful predictions, and recommendations with just a few clicks rather than codes. Unlike the other data analytics tools, Salesforce Einstein Data Discovery does not necessitate you to build any sophisticated software or data set models.

This AI-powered Einstein Discovery (ED) can quickly learn what happened earlier and what is happening at present. Following this, it analyses the data to understand why it happened, predicts what could happen, and comes up with suitable recommendations on what should be done. This ultimately helps boost productivity and improve the work speed.

Salesforce Einstein Discovery Benefits:

Quick and smart data discovery: The data analytics function of ED is quick to gather your data from millions of data rows and data combinations within minutes.

Quality data analysis: Once required data is collected, data analytics happens in a jiffy to provide you deep insights on what had happened earlier, why those happened, and what could happen.

Precise predictions and recommendations: ED offers a blend of descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics makes it possible for the tool to provide you suitable recommendations and suggestions in natural language.

Unrestricted data source: ED works with data from Salesforce, a CSV file, Hadoop, Heroku Postgres, SAP, AWS, Azure or any other database. Plus, it can process the data or transfer the data to the cloud without making any duplicate files.

Salesforce automation: ED results can be visualized in Salesforce Einstein Analytics, employed for triggering Salesforce automation, and included in Salesforce dashboards & reports in Natural Language.

User-friendly consumption: The collection of charts, graphs, statistics, and narrative explanations in natural language helps in better understanding the business-relevant metric and the variables that influence these metrics.

Smooth collaboration and sharing: The stories by ED can also be exported to Microsoft PowerPoint, Word or Salesforce Wave Analytics.

Implement Einstein Discovery for your business!

If you are in the market, scouting for an AI-powered Business Intelligence tool, Einstein Discovery may be the best solution for you. With its quicksilver data analytics feature, natural language output, and intelligent predictions and recommendations, Einstein Discovery empowers you with superior data-based decision making to outrun your competition. Most of the businesses are engaging with a Salesforce Einstein Discovery Consultant to ensure the right and timely deployment of this AI-powered data analytics tool. If you would like to know more about Einstein Discovery and how to leverage its features to maximum benefit, Talk To Our Team!

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