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#DreamTX Day 4: The finale of Dreamforce To You is here!

by | Dec 18, 2020 | Blog

All good things must come to an end. Thursday, Day 4 concludes the Dreamforce To You broadcast of thought leadership, product experts, demos & discussions.

You know it, we love it, it’s Trailhead, the skill up from anywhere learning platform that took the spotlight for the last day of #DreamTX . We here at Team DemandBlue want to thank everyone and give a big #Ohana hug for joining us in this recap series, let’s wrap up on all that we’ve learned of latest innovations to the Salesforce Platform:

Innovate Faster with Einstein Automate

You don’t have to be a genius to see how powerful the new Platform service, Flow Orchestrator, will be for automation and integration. This along with Einstein Automate is here to transform complex business processes into simple, guided experiences #WorkSmarterNotHarder

Einstein is best at delivering optimal recommendations at the point of maximum impact. Keep these 3 tips in mind to take action:

Unify your sources of insight

It’s important to combine your business rules with the powerful predictive models using both Salesforce & non-Salesforce Data

Surface actionable intelligence

Lend your helping hand to coworkers and customers with insights at just the right and most effective time

Connect Recommendations to Automation

Speed up with Lightning Flow’s powerful tools & productivity.

Develop Your Architect Mindset

We have #AwesomeAdmins, #DevForce and #CTA Salesforce Architects.These are our ecosystems most trusted digital advisors, they’re the big-picture thinkers and in-depth problem solvers that have the experience and knowhow by going through a pyramid high certification path.

When you’re ready to #Trailblaze to Architect – keep these things in mind on your journey:

Understand the Customer and their World

Heighten your senses to understand complex problems faced by your customers.

Design for the Multi-Cloud

Remember Customer 360, your design has to answer to all aspects of the Salesforce platform from Sales, Service, Marketing, Integration, Intelligence and more!

Start Visualizing with Artifacts

No need to travel to ancient runes, Salesforce Architects deal with system landscapes, data models and role hierarchy.

Think Correct and Think Faster

Take a look at Einstein for inspiration!

Spend Time in the Architect Trailblazer Community

30 Minutes a Week to Connect and Collaborate will have you on the right path to blazing your trail to Architect status!

*Snap *Click *Pose Did you wait for this #DreamTX Digital Surprise? ! Check out some of Team DemandBlue’s Postcards #BlazeYourTrail

Develop Your Architect Mindset

Single Source of Truth (SSOT) Everything. Defining a clear path to success at your company means setting capabilities to connect, authenticate and govern customer data and identity across Salesforce with Customer 360 Truth. Take a look at these four categories to activate segments for success:

  • Data management
  • Consumer Identity Access Management
  • Customer Data Platform
  • Privacy

Circles of Success: Decluttering Your Org

Is your new year’s resolution to clean up the clutter?! A messy org is not a happy one, check out these proven tools & methods to reduce your technical debt.

Get your Salesforce Optimizer and Lightning Readiness tools at the ready, we’re cleaning up some data by setting up data governance, release planning cycles and establishing data integrity to make sure these clean-up efforts don’t get undone (again)

Enhance your CRM with Einstein AI

Let’s start off by identifying the hurdles that limit AI Implementation

  • Data – Of the right quality, what is the data volume, and do we have an understanding of the data at hand
  • Change Management – How do we measure governance, Integration with Application Lifecycle Management, and Capturing Feedback
  • Trust – Understanding the recommendations, believing those recommendations, and what is the unknown bias

Now that we know what hurdles and challenges are in account, the solution is Einstein AI, your smart CRM Assistant!


You can enable AI and achieve your business goals faster by:


Identifying the jobs to be done

  • Sales
    • Determine the viability of leads and correct sales strategy.
    • Surface better opportunities on accounts.
    • Ensure healthy pipeline and prioritize next steps.
  • Service
    • Provide a more accurate service experience for a customer.
    • Improve the efficiency of case handling.
    • Optimize case classification based on real time case data.
  • IT
    • Ensure accuracy of our predictions.
    • Estimate project risk or completion date.
    • Estimate potential security risks or systems failures

Evaluating the Einstein features

  • Productive – Removing waste
  • Actionable – Focus on Big Impact areas
  • Smarter Apps – Embed Intelligence

Evaluating Data

  • Volume and Accessibility
  • Relevance and Data Drift
  • Bias

Enabling Einstein Features


        • Provide Context and Transparency
          • Provide transparency to the end users as how the machine/application arrived at the predictions e.g. by showing top predictive factors.
        • Invest in Education
          • Include Subject-Matter-Experts (SMEs) from your line-of-business executive and users on what you are doing and align on the outcomes with their goals.
        • Integrate Insights
          • Give end user insights on the impact of respective actions and identified next steps.
        • Adoption Metrics and Continuous Feedback
          • Ensure metrics are in place to measure accuracy of predictions. Review regularly.
          • Create an easy mechanism to capture feedback on predictions user believe to be inaccurate or irrelevant.

    Integrating with Governance Model

      A huge virtual hug for all the amazing speakers, hosts and luminary guests that made this first ever virtual Dreamforce event just as engaging and impactful as our beloved in-person #DF events. Hope you enjoyed tuning in with your fellow global community of Salesforce #Trailblazers.

      Let’s keep in touch @Demandblue & we’ll see you at future Salesforce events!

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