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DreamTX Day 3: Reimagining the customer experience

by | Dec 17, 2020 | Blog

Customer Success was the focus with Salesforce champions, thought leaders and experts taking the stage to discuss how all businesses can lead their success initiatives through digital transformation. Team DemandBlue is here to recap on what we saw & heard from keynotes and sessions, let’s dive right in.

IT’s 5-Step Playbook to Unlock Value from Salesforce

There are five key skills that IT leaders are using with their teams to achieve value from Salesforce. In this session, insights from thousands of engagements from delivery experts will reveal how building a Salesforce center of excellence is mission critical for Customer Success. Guidance at every step of the implementation journey accelerates time to value of engagements. Check out these 5 Key Skills to rethink your business approach to ensure maximum value of your Customer 360 tools for success.

6 Guiding Principles to Maximize CRM Adoption

Every company should strive to journey the path for continued success in user-base use and love with Salesforce. To make CRM your BAE, let’s go through the
6 principles for maximizing your adoption.

1st Prepare for Change Management

  • Operating Model should mention clearly who will be using the product, how they will know about the change. Define Users, Early Adopters, and Experts who will champion the change
  • Have Governance defined
  • Have a Communication Strategy
  • Create Adoption Dashboards which attracts new Users and motivates Power Users

2nd Demonstrate Leadership Buy In

  • Have Leadership support this change from Top-down
  • Lead by example – Not only Talk the talk but also walk the walk
  • Review Analytics together in meetings
  • Use Adoption Metrics in meetings
  • Actively use Salesforce for collaborating and celebrating. For e.g., celebrate Great Quarter Ends– by congratulating Users on Chatter and help spread the message
  • Give Continuous Feedback

3rd Know your End Users

  • Critical to give users seat to the table
  • Continuous feedback
  • Establishing User Committees which include Power users and Naysayers
  • Discuss where changes can be made
  • Utilize surveys

4th Commit to Simplicity

  • Commit to support simple business processes
  • As an end user, sometimes complex process can be overwhelming
  • Sometimes, less is more
  • Be simple
  • Look at OOB functionality
  • Many simple processes are already built in therefore customization might not be needed
  • Co-create tailored solutions with other Users
  • Embrace Simplicity IRL through,
    • Salesforce Optimizer
    • Eliminate data entry
    • Mobile App
    • Profiles and Page Layouts

5th Be meaningful

  • Team’s time is valuable. Take advantage of Salesforce’s investment
  • Focus on the meaningful first and let that drive advocacy. Learn about what is useful to your Users and what is inherent to them
  • Think about analytics for every User

6th Train, Learn, Repeat

  • Teams need to be properly trained. Everyone learns differently. It is a multi-faceted approach.
  • Salesforce comes up with 3 Annual Releases for Continuous innovation and adoption.
  • Use Trailhead.

    Top 5 Innovations with Experience Cloud

    Building digital experiences helps businesses engage with customers faster than ever. Salesforce Experience Cloud has the industry solutions for the all-digital world to pioneer unified content and email marketing through Salesforce CMS.

      Think of your corporate message, now how can that be pivoted to other services? These connections are made possible through Experience Cloud from using CMS to build your site content, creating a flow to book appointments, adding a survey that will push data to aggregate dashboards and reports. The possibilities are evermore as you will learn here:

        Accelerate Revenue Growth with Revenue Cloud

        Salesforce Customer 360 brings a connected revenue management solution all on a single platform. From CPQ, Billing and all the tools need to connect direct, partner and digital sales channels, Revenue Cloud is here to give companies that helping hand in controlling revenue growth across every channel. In this session, we saw how optimized performance for sales, operations and finance teams where with a buying experience from Revenue Cloud.

        By adapting these changes in B2B buyer behavior, your business is guaranteed to see flexible, frictionless and fast Customer Centricity!

          5 Reasons Why Digital Transformations Fail & How to Avoid The

          Moving to an all-digital world can have its fears and lack vision towards transformation. Yet, to thrive in the new normal of the Fourth Industrial revolution, it’s time to move from the old ways of working and move forward with technology to transform your organization. Salesforce’s Matt Evans and Chase McMillan shared these common reasons for digital transformation failure

            To navigate these challenges, actionable steps can be taken. Follow the 1,000s of companies actively committing on moving their customers to the center of their business with Customer 360 to start creating a system of engagement rather than records to make customer experiences possible. At the process level, organizations must make experience alignment, experimentation and accelerated execution pivotal points for success. And at a culture level, companies have to establish high-performance culture focused on human centered change. All this brings forth digital transformation and customer success!

              Closing Show: B-Well together with Malala Yousafzai

              In this special closing session, we were joined with Nobel Prize Laureate and social activist Malala Yousafzai for an inspiring discussion on activism, equality and empowering children through education. Salesforce’s Ebony Beckwith conversed with Malala about her bravery, dedication for the fight to bring education and equality for girls and women around the world. As we grow and adapt to the new normal changes in business, changes in the world that we as global citizens to require just as much passion and drive for success for all by working together.

              “You have the magic…that is your voice, your art, your writing believe in that magic. Use it to speak out for a better society” – Malala

                And that wraps another awesome day with session after session of highlights and news! Dreamforce To You has continued to be relevant and informative with Day 3 #DreamTX.

                Share your favorite session insights to us @Demandblue & we’ll see you tomorrow for our fourth and final blog recap of Dreamforce To You 2020.

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