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DreamTX Day 2: Working in the new-normal

by | Dec 16, 2020 | Blog

Another day filled with great ideas and free-flowing conversations. We are loving every moment of DreamTX. Here’s all you need to know about day 2.

With the day’s focus on reinventing the normal for 2020 and beyond, Team DemandBlue is here to recap on what we saw & heard from the keynotes and sessions that focused on keeping businesses agile for this new path towards digital transformation.

Working in the New Normal

Day 2 started off with another dynamic duo of hosts, Salesforce’s Becca Krass and Ayori Selassie. They introduced the day dedicated to hearing best tips & tricks from businesses of all sizes and industries on adapting to the New Normal. The conversation between Salesforce Chief Innovation Officer, Simon Mulcahy and SVP Cristina Jones identified how your businesses need to reinvent by practicing Action Leadership not just Thought Leadership.

For this they introduced the Top 5 Digital Imperatives:

  • How do you make decisions?
  • How do you engage customers?
  • How do you engage employees?
  • How do you provide to the environment?
  • How do you leverage technology?

    The Rise of B2B Commerce

    With investment in B2B digital ordering surging at an all-time high, sales teams need to transform to the digital shift. Salesforce’s 2020 “State of Commerce” report provided the metrics for this session which revealed that 80% of commerce leaders are planning to keep or increase their investment in sales teams. Making a hybrid sales model critical for the new normal towards success. This means for sales to work most efficiently in the new normal of all-digital commerce, personalized strategic selling with digital systems is vital.

    3 Tips for a Successful Launch

    Gather insights of what your customers are looking for and establish a governance team with stakeholders from marketing to customer service to review and understand customer feedback and chart a roadmap.

    Trust this research and prioritize your features for success. A good example, is Salesforce Lightning chat bot that can intelligently enables service for case resolutions.

    Finally, observe with obsession of how your user adoption works.

    The Future of Marketing

    2020 has been a year of crisis, with events from public health, politics and the economy rapidly evolving week by week. As a marketer, it has become vital to keep on top of customers wants and buying trends to stay relevant for 2021 and beyond.

    82% of marketing leaders agree that customer experience is the key competitive differentiator. For this your marketing strategy should take on these top priorities for the new normal to deliver on customer expectations:

    • Innovation
    • Engaging customers in real time
    • Complying with privacy regulations
    • Improving the use of tools & technology
    • Modernizing your tools & technology

    Shopping the Edge: Meeting Consumers Anywhere

    Digital sales have skyrocketed by 44% in 2020. The new normal means that shopping has to extend to digital to reach consumers and be available across different touchpoints and engagement channels. This unique uptick in digital commerce is due to the pandemic opening avenues of online selling. Organizations must digitize their online presence to keep up the pace. So how do go about meeting consumers anywhere? By shopping at ‘the Edge’ a term penned by Salesforce’s session host Daniel Shim, is a methodology to look beyond just the .com and reach all digital platforms to open up businesses.

    With these new and various touchpoints, working on the Edge expands your selling walls and allows for critical interaction with the modern consumers eager to use new ways of commerce, like social media which has seen a 23% increase for sales.

    Building a Data Culture with Tableau

    This session threw light on why being data-driven is the way forward for organizations. Why is data culture important you ask? Well, with the pace of digital transformation accelerating, the heart of it all is data transformation. All the customer interactions and engagement generate copious loads of data. Managing that and understanding it becomes the key to unlocking the value and insights of this data is the benefit of developing a data culture throughout your business through use of analytics and AI.

    By using Tableau CRM, organizations can make data accessibility flexible. Take a look at a few of the powerful features of Tableau:

    • Tableau Blueprint. It is a step-by-step guide to build data culture and improve upon the Overall Analytic strategy. It helps in builds a team and distribute key success points and best practices along with Real world advice.
    • Tableau provides the broadest and deepest community and helps Users make better decisions faster. It is so fast and easy to explore data and explore insights by providing a complete picture of the entire business, be it in Salesforce, SAP, or in SQL server etc.
    • Meets security and governance requirements by having access to data which can be trusted
    • Ask Data – Ask questions just like google search
    • Native connectivity between Tableau and Mulesoft and Dataroma (Marketing Ops and leadership)
    • Tableau can also be customized based on the type of Industries

    It’s easy to see how data is powered by combining Tableau + Einstein Analytics to create Tableau CRM. Users now have access to their seamless experience for predications and discovery all native to Salesforce. It’s pertinent to empower everyone with the right data at the right time – and Tableau makes it easy as 1,2,3.

      The Future of Service

      New in service is the role evolution from cost center to growth engine. Great service meant that you had be knowledgeable, be helpful and be courteous. Now great service means great customer connections by being seamless, personal and proactive in the service experience.

      Learn about the 4 ways service is reimagined for the now new normal.

      Trust before Transaction

      • Cross train employees
      • How low touch service interaction can be implemented

      Problems Fix themselves

      • Leverage IoT Capabilities
      • NLP to define the next best action
      • Analytics

      Everyone will be in service

      • Contextual JIT training to employees to provide better service
      • Sales and Service team work together and share data continuously and provide better service
      • Tools to efficiently interact with customers

      The future is more Human

      • Realtime Sentiment analysis
      • AI powered employee apps can help provide human service

      Holiday Baking with Martha & Snoop

      A festive fun close to Day 2 was a baking session with entertainers Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart. The two pals decorated their favorite holiday cookies while sharing with the Salesforce #Ohana their favorite holiday traditions.

      Wow so many great insights and it’s all just the tip of the iceberg! Dreamforce To You has continued to be exciting and informative with Day 2 #DreamTX.

      Share your favorite session insights to us @Demandblue & we’ll see you tomorrow for our ongoing blog recaps for all of Dreamforce To You 2020.

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