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DreamTX Day 1: Dreamforce to you 2020 kicks off

by | Dec 15, 2020 | Blog

The Dreamforce 2020 event is chock-full of memorable moments, exciting announcements and information on new offerings. DemandBlue is a longstanding Salesforce partner and we are immensely proud of our collaboration. In our Dreamforce 2020 blog series we’ll handpick key takeaways and share it with you so there’s no FOMO or Do-I-have-the-wrong-link panic moments.

Customer 360 – Reimagining customer experience

Day 1 starts off with a focus of Customer 360, Salesforce solution to building a complete view of your customers to deliver seamless experiences that are simple, scalable and fast. Salesforce CMO Stephanie Buscemi hosted the session and was in conversation with Bentley Motors, in this example for exceptional employee and customer experiences with a single source of truth.

Digital Imperative: Increase the Speed of Work with Einstein Automate

Automation is relevant for use cases along the entire business pipeline, from sales and marketing to IT and HR. In this session presented by Salesforce’s Hugh Minson and Sanjna Parulekar, we’re given a deep dive into how Einstein Automate helps you do more with less!

With Einstein Automate, Salesforce’s newest and extremely powerful venture, teams have the right data integrated across their workflows. Orchestrating intelligence within workflows allows for accessible automation. You’ve heard of Einstein’s predictions, now imagine pulling those predictions and building it into actual workflows! Learn more here:  http://salesforce.com/automate

    Salesforce Platform: Innovation Roadmap

    This session presented by the Salesforce team of product experts, Jay Hurst, Natala Menezes and Ryan Van Wagoner, was an introspection on how businesses can move faster to respond to changes with the latest innovations and product roadmap for the Salesforce Platform. Outlined in four succinct categories for Modern App Dev Platform, Intelligent Automation, Single Source of Truth and Security and Trust, let’s take a look at the key takeaways for how you too can proactively practice innovation with the roadmap.

    70+ new features have been included to the platform to make modern app development low code. With Dynamic Forms and Actions in GA, Salesforce Functions are steadfast in delivering connected experiences fast and dynamically with interactions that are point and click communications for component pages. You can expect OpenAPI 3.0, the industry standard in API specification, for Salesforce API in the coming releases.

    Einstein Automate is here to simplify complexity using intelligent decisioning workflows.

    Flow orchestrator is here to coordinate the multiuser process without code. And in Spring 21’ Mulesoft compose will have a template library for the most common use cases with a full feature parity between flow and process builder.

    As a single source of truth, Security Center was introduced to analyze and understand how users are authenticating to Salesforce. This along with Privacy Center, helps your business maintain your security management inventory of packages installed across your environment.

    Marketing Cloud Innovation and Releases

    With customers today being all-digital, expectations are at an all-time high! Don’t worry, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is here to help you streamline and focus on growing your relationships by focusing on Customer 360.In this session, Salesforce’s Leigh Price, Loretta Shen and Sara Vickerman overview on the impactful innovations coming up for Marketing Cloud.

    Customer 360 Audiences, a way to know your customer and humanize every interaction to optimize your marketing impact, will be available in October for the Customer Data Platform. Here you can use drag & drop tools to unify your customer data from various sources and then segment and push them to a unified customer profile to send various campaigns with Marketing Cloud.

    New 2021 Features to look forward to include: AMP for Email, Chat messaging with WhatsApp and get ready Pardot Premium edition that lets you define a global team and sandbox environments.

    Tableau CRM: Intelligent Insights in Your CRM

    Tableau CRM (formerly Einstein Analytics) is an AI-driven insights and contextual analytics tool native to Salesforce. In this session a full panel of Salesforce experts showcased insights for the evolution of intelligent in-CRM experience, enabling smarter, guided decision-making fororganizations. With the introduction of Autonomous Insights, Salesforce and Tableau, are helping business users interact with their analytics tools by simply asking questions to Ask Data for instant and tailored answers.

    Continuing on the automation front, Einstein Discovery for Tableau provides trusted predictions to deploy everyone in Tableau. It’s simple, no code ML enables you to quickly build predication on data, stay ethical and transparent with real-time model monitoring and bias protection and embed to allow predictions anywhere users can see Tableau. Ethical AI is a key part to Einstein Discovery, as Salesforce’s Single Source of Truth, the machine learning is aligned with both your and Salesforce company policies by following proper ethics and does not practice any biases in discovery.

    Salesforce for Service: Innovation Roadmap

    Pump up the tunes for Service! This session, hosted by Mr. Hong along with Salesforce’s Service Cloud Product team was a showcase to the latest innovations and sneak peaks for agent experience, digital engagement, field service.

    The team started by sharing how customers influenced the key trends to their product strategy by understanding where opportunity stemmed from uncertainty, pioneering the digital shift to service, allowing for agent empowerment and automation and continuing to reinvent and offer resiliency through digital transformation that has been accelerated for many industries at this time.

    Service Cloud 360 has led a year of innovation with 88 new features already added in 2020 with more in roadmap for 2021.

    In Customer Service, we saw the Service Setup assistant in action to optimize interactions and grow teams. Intelligent Agent Productivity was spoken as a key feature to Swarm Cases, a way to intelligently empower teams for customer experience and automated teaching and coaching by reducing delays in handoffs and turning swarm learnings into self-service knowledge articles. And hello! Service Cloud Voice had new enhancements for phone support and boosted productivity for the new normal of WFH.

    Digital Service and Field Service Updates-
    There’s a lot around the corner


    In Digital Service, we witnessed enhancements for chatbots and messaging partners to streamline service across any touchpoint.

    In Field Service, plans for 2021 are strong with appointment assistant and visual remote assistant that provides enhanced customer transparency to engagement. Asset 360 is new for service productivity, in partnership with ServiceMax, to streamline complex processes with a suite of features allowing to efficiently complete any equipment centric work. Finally, we have Work Plans, a close to the field service plans for 2021, with a solution to create, maintain and execute a set of tasks in a work order.

    And that’s a wrap on Day 1 – just a splash in the pool of knowledge that we witnessed at #DreamTX.

    Were you there? Share your favorite session insights to us @demandblue & we’ll see you tomorrow for our ongoing blog recaps for all of Dreamforce To You 2020.

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