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Salesforce CPQ – Need of the hour for manufacturing firms

by | Jan 8, 2021 | Blog

B2B customers are expecting the ease of use and intuitiveness of B2C shopping experiences. But the sales cycle of a B2B customer is long and complex and is diametrically different to the sales journey of a B2C buyer. For instance, buying hydraulic equipment or a fleet of trucks is significantly more complicated and expensive than buying a handbag.

Manufacturers are looking for supporting technologies to enable customers to place orders and complete purchases digitally. An enterprise configure-price-quote(CPQ) Solution streamlines the buying experience and helps buyers to receive swift price quotes.

With CPQ, quoting becomes easier than ever. It not just makes quoting faster but improves its accuracy by eliminating human errors. This, in turn, increases the efficiency of your “order-to-quote” process. It also helps sales teams to close more deals in less time. CPQ makes configuring products an easy task.

Benefits of Salesforce CPQ

Sales teams lead the growth charge and it is important to aid them with supportive tools that help reduce workloads and automate their workflow. Salesforce CPQ stands head and shoulders above other CPQ solutions as it is feature-rich and customizable.

Increased Accuracy

Salesforce CPQ lets sales reps quickly create quotes without causing errors. It ensures that pricing tiers, subscriptions and discounts are always accurate and the approval process is completely automated. It generates a quote document that includes collaterals and is integrated with partners’ eSignature.

Enhanced Efficiency

Salesforce CPQ personalizes quotes and makes selling a streamlined process. The price quotes are created in real-time with great accuracy.

 Deal profitability analysis

Salesforce CPQ provides insights on sales deals, pipelines, and other pertinent data. This way, your reps can deliver commercially viable quotes quickly.

Guided Selling

The CPQ solutions offered by Salesforce provides guided selling and acts the way an experienced sales rep does by helping sales rep narrow down on choices and pick the right product. Sales teams can use prompts and search filters for faster quote turnaround time and quote accuracy.

Customizing CPQ for better results

Horizontal and generic CPQ solutions may not work for customers who have very intricate specifications. It is essential to understand industry-specific parameters to offer the best product recommendations based on customer order specifications (COS). A customized CPQ solution enables manufacturers to provide performance curves and more detailed information to help buyers select the optimal product in less time.

DemandBlue is a longstanding Salesforce partner and has extensive experience in Salesforce technology. We implement and customize the perfect CPQ solutions for you so you can quicken your lead-to-order time and provide your customers with a truly self-service digital experience.

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