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Ramp up your sales with Salesforce CPQ

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Selling is about building a foundational relationship of trust with your customers. A Sales rep is expected to excel at not just selling but managing discounts, handling quotes, logging calls, on top of all the other essential details, all while meeting their individual targets.

Transforming these leads into deals require your Sales reps to offer a wide range of engaging prices, applicable discounts, bundling additional products, etc., all while pitching the right product to the customer. Monitoring these tasks can be nightmare for the sales managers.

Not anymore with this tool…

Salesforce CPQ is an effective Sales tool that assists your reps to sell faster and smarter while accelerating your revenue exponentially. With Salesforce’s lightning-fast Quote to Cash tool, close deals in a matter of minutes, if not seconds!!

Salesforce CPQ helps

Complex Deals

recurring revenue

Unify Sales
and Finance

CPQ Report

According to the Salesforce Report, Salesforce CPQ Users reported


Growth in sales
productivity with
Salesforce CPQ


Reduction in errors in
quotes (pricing/product
configuration) with
Salesforce CPQ


Improvement in
forecast accuracy with
Salesforce CPQ


More customer
retention with
Salesforce CPQ

CPQ Implementation

Introducing DemandBlue's simple Salesforce
CPQ Implementation program


DemandBlue's Advisory team will work closely with your companies stakeholders to understand the goals and strategic initiatives. Our team will conduct multiple sessions with your sales team to understand all the pain points, allowing us to draft a roadmap with the long term, short term and immediate goals for the implementation.


Our Salesforce CPQ Consultants will analyze the sales process and system requirements to develop blueprints of the solution architecture and function designs. We will finalize the following at this stage

  • Product options
  • Pricing options
  • Approval and Exception workflows
  • Integration with enterprise systems
  • Multicurrency / Multilanguage needs
  • Post Sales process


Prepare a fully functional and highly personalized prototype and initiate the migration of data. Start with a minimum viable product for validation of core requirements by the business users and stakeholders. Execution using an agile methodology, which allows for iterative development and continuous feedback for refining the implementation.


Migrate and setup the necessary data for implementation. Setup of the master data and integrating with the enterprise systems to ensure the pricing and product details are in sync with the enterprise ERP system if applicable.

Test & Deploy

Run multiple sprints of functional and non-functional tests on Salesforce CPQ in a safe Sandbox environment to ensure the quality one last time before deployment.

CPQ Features

Salesforce CPQ Top Features


Product bundling gets you selling products faster than ever by reusing preconfigured bundles.


Let your Reps focus on selling and let Salesforce CPQ do all the calculations for them. No calculator needed.


Fast as lightning dynamic quoting enables you to generate quotes instantly.

Discount Approvals

Salesforce CPQ automates the discount approval process.

Guided Selling

Provides insights for cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

Instant Evaluation

Validation feature allows for quick review and validation of orders.

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