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Salesforce has revolutionized the way educational institutions can handle their workflow.
Salesforce CRM is built to perfectly adapt to campus requirements.

DemandBlue has worked with some major educational institutions to improve student engagement, increase enrollment, effectively manage student lifecycle (applicant, student, and alumni), reduce IT costs by leveraging Salesforce capability, and increase ROI on their Salesforce investment. We have implemented, customized, introduced workflow automations, built custom apps on Force.com platform, integrated third-party tools, and performed lightning migration to improve functions that encompass the following -

  • Registrations, admissions, academia coordination
  • Courses, curricula, assignments, student engagement
  • Staff, development, training
  • Careers, counseling, advice, student support
  • Aids, grants, finances

Impact of Salesforce within Education-

  • Grow applications by 20% year after year
  • 40% Increase in learner engagement
  • 80% Increase in staff productivity
  • 60% Reduction in IT Costs
  • Enrollment grew faster than the marketplace, increasing bachelor’s degree enrollment by 33% (compared to -6% in the marketplace) and master’s degree enrollment by 87% (compared to 42% in the marketplace)

The Salesforce Advantage

Unified View of Constituents

Provides a single, unified view of every interaction with prospects, students, alumni, donors, and affiliates. It simply enables you, as an institution, to make smarter decisions.

Connected Experience

Salesforce connects every touchpoint, places students at the center of everything, and drives breakthrough performance across the student life cycle.

Simplified Student Recruitment

By tracking applicants from the initial touchpoints, and through the entire student lifecycle and managing information across departments, Salesforce helps you to effectively target the right students and boost recruiter productivity and performance.

Support Students

Salesforce for Student Success helps you get a 360-degree student view, by providing frictionless service to cultivate a strong student community.

1:1 Customized Student Experience

Craft the ultimate 1:1 student experience by leveraging Salesforce solutions that allow you to plan and optimize student interactions, deliver personalized content across all channels, and measure your impact.

DemandBlue is here to help you transform your institution into a connected campus. We are happy to offer free consultations and discounts for Educational and Non-Profit entities. Let us show you how the Salesforce platform can help improve your student experience and empower you to take smarter decisions based on tracked insights and analytics.

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