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Salesforce Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) | Channeling efforts into a productive route

by | Jul 10, 2020 | Blog

Although Marketing and Sales have traveled the digital route for some time now, telephones still remain a trusted and reliable tool to communicate with prospects and close deals. Nothing beats an energetic sales pitch delivered sweetly by a suave salesperson over the phone to convince a prospect. Its effectiveness is indisputable yet punching numbers into a bulky communication set and logging calls manually remains a redundant task that can wear away your team’s productivity. On average, sales representatives spend more than 35% of their working hours, dialing numbers, and maintaining log records. If this time were to be utilized in more innovative or creative activities, imagine the heights to which your Sales or Services can soar! Salesforce CTI Integration is intended to do just. By automating dialing and call logging, it allows your reps to focus on the more important tasks at hand. Salesforce CTI integration solves all these major issues with simple protocols that connect your CRM with telephones via an easy-to-interact Soft Dial pad. This innovative connector syncs your computer to the phone system and enables your reps to perform a wide range of functions that improve Sales and Services.

Making communication easier again with Salesforce CTI Telephony Integration

Salesforce CTI Integration is a definite productivity booster. Apart from Sales enhancement, it also bolsters your service and support with easy-to-use routing and customer identification features. Its ability to automate call handling and improve collaboration quality with fully integrated cloud-based solutions helps your reps handle larger customer volumes with ease. As per Salesforce’s stats, users who have enabled Salesforce CTI Integration experienced a substantial rise in the number of closed deals and shorter customer wait time per call.

5 Essential features of Salesforce CTI Integration that your reps need to know now:

Know your Customers better

Salesforce CTI Integration provides easier customer identification ability before receiving every incoming call with faster call routing features to serve your clients better.

Unload the Manual load

Recording calls and logging communication activities become fully automated tasks with Salesforce CTI Integration. It stores the recordings so your quality inspectors can rate the calls and pass them as qualified recordings.

 Agent Assistance

Using screen pop-ups to view customer details with information like account information, caller history, and case status to provide your reps with better clarity on the customer’s case.

Soft automated dial pads

Salesforce CTI Integration comes with a soft touch and fully automated dial pads for computer screens to skip the boring dialing process. Although, please note, it can still be used as a manual dialer when needed.

Smart tracking

One of the most important Salesforce CTI Integration advantage over the traditional communication sets is that they come along with performance indicators like first-call resolution, average handle time, dropped call percentages, etc. This helps both managers and reps in keeping track of the performance and build statistics.

Adopt Salesforce CTI Integration to experience rapid Sales and Service growth

Salesforce CTI Integration is certainly an essential requirement in today’s market scenario as we try to catch up on time lost due to the pandemic. It gives your reps space and time to focus better on their work and always stay on their toes when talking to a customer. Your reps will certainly love merging two systems into one and enabling handy features that unload a lot of manual burden off their shoulders.

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