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Salesforce Chatter App | Uniting Firm with the power of Communication

by | Apr 1, 2018 | Blog

Mobile Chatter Apps are on an all-time rise since the year 2015. Apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Kik, Line, etc. have completely changed the way perceive connecting to people. Today we are not just chatting, but sending pictures, documents, videos, sharing links, and much more, all with the push of a button that costs even lesser than a penny. The boom of Mobile chatter apps has given birth to newer tactics to enhance business and engage users with better strategies. Salesforce has acknowledged this opportunity and redesigned its CRM, an integrative platform with such apps. Also, Salesforce has launched its very own Mobile Chatter app called Salesforce Chatter app.

Salesforce Chatter app is an Enterprise Social Network (ESN). It can be used as a chatterbox by the employee to connect, share reports, activities, and an overall perspective of the project from each individual’s point of view. Mobile chatter users can create and edit notifications and information. They can also work on creating a task, selecting a contract, posting poll questions, and configuring custom processes. All this can be done with a new “publisher” component. Michael Peachey, a senior director of product and solutions marketing at Salesforce.com, said there are about 195,000 Chatter ESNs, and that the company recognizes that providing mobile access to them is crucial for its customers, who are experiencing a “huge shift to mobile” and the “new way of working” this represents.

Benefits of Salesforce Chatter App Integration:

By integrating Chatterbox with the CRM, you can significantly boost the productivity of your firm in the following ways:

  • It works as an intranet for your firm and unites the diversity of your organization to bring everyone together on the same track as everyone.
  • It is a secure and quicker way of sharing files and information among the employees and eliminates the communication gap by connecting to other segments of Salesforce like Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, etc.
  • Chatterbox for Salesforce helps to increase the collaboration efforts into a project, which smoothens the development cycle of any product.
  • It helps to promote the work spirit by giving recognition badges to the employees, which is an effective way of publicly praising the excellent work.
  • It eliminates the need to conduct time-consuming meetings, as with Chatterbox, they can be virtually done even at greater distances via a simple chat room.

Fissibility of Salesforce Chatter App:

Salesforce Chatter features may seem somewhat casual on the first look, but in the long run, it leaves a powerful impact on the productivity of your team. Its accessibility for iOS and Android devices has made the Salesforce Chatter app available over mobile phones with the perk of instant access. When implemented correctly, the Salesforce Chatter app integration can be a gamechanger for the work environment of Office and can help you connect different departments together.

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