Reinvent your billing processes through our custom Salesforce billing integration

Empower your Sales & Finance operations to get on the same page with Salesforce Billing

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Can DemandBlue’s tailored Salesforce Billing implementation reinvigorate your sales to close deals faster? 

Yes. With our custom Salesforce billing integration and customization services, not only can you streamline quotes, price books, and automate billing, but you can go to market faster. DemandBlue’s custom packages deliver focused services targeted at your unique demands:

  • Configure products and bundled pricing
  • Price book configuration with tiered pricing and discounts
  • Configure billing and subscription billing with usage-based taxation
  • Invoice automation, document generation, and payment collection
  • Customize digital signatures with the integration of DocuSign
  • Keep track of orders through reporting, analytical dashboard, and BI
  • Drive guided selling and discount rules

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One Billing ecosystem for your revenue growth

DemandBlue team has in-depth experience and technical expertise to implement, integrate, configure, customize, and automate your invoices, payments, and more.


Automate customer-centric tasks that encompass major teams such as sales, account management, billing, order fulfillment, and account receivable functions. Streamline the end-to-end functions related to sales, billing activities. 

Seamless Invoicing

DemandBlue can eliminate billing discrepancies, manage complex billing processes, and build custom invoices with configuration intervals. Push most of the invoice data to accounting systems to provide seamless delivery of services with no leakage of revenue.

Automated Payments

We can configure Salesforce Billing as a single payment platform for several invoices. The payment portal supports Dunning collection processes, collecting past-due invoice balances, and negotiates partial payments with configurations.

Subscription Billing

DemandBlue’s Subscription billing configurations will help upgrade, downgrade, and pro-rate subscription for each invoice with automated calculations. The system provides personalization in frequency, accuracy, analytical data, and adjustments on different subscriptions such as one-off transactions and renewals.

Why DemandBlue is the “Future and Present Fit” for your Salesforce Billing operations?

At DemandBlue, we take digital migration, distributed workforce, and customer expectations seriously. Our certified salesforce billing consultants are focused on improving operational efficiency across the lead-sales-revenue continuum.

DemandBlue takes a holistic approach to the CPQ process, from quote-to-cash to orders, invoices, revenue recognition-even taxes and compliance.


Guided Selling

Product & Pricing Options

Products Bundles

Advanced Approvals

You have business requirements. We’ve got the features and strategy to achieve it!


Our consulting services help you go live in days and weeks, rather than months! 3x Faster Implementation compared to traditional models. Shorter go-to market time.


We are the pioneer and the most successful On Demand Service provider for Salesforce. Pay-As-You-Use is our USP. Ranked Best Salesforce Agency by DesignRush


100+ and growing happy clientele.
4.9/5 Customer Satisfaction Rating on App Exchange.

Fast, seamless quote generation for closing deals quicker.

Synchronization of customer data with Salesforce billing.

Self-service portal for customers to manage billing and payments.

Analytical portal to manage subscriptions and recurring payments.

With Billing Solution, DemandBlue ensures a long-term success of your Salesforce investment

Our team helps to achieve positive business outcomes and continued revenue growth with a strategic framework.

DemandBlue utilizes Salesforce Billing to bring your partners, sales, operations and finance teams together.

Take full control of your revenue growth by empowering your sales team to quickly generate quote prices, customize features, and create complex product packages.

  • Manage revenue streams, improve forecasting capabilities, and do more.
  • Collaborate within teams, accelerate growth across all channels.
  • Bring pricing, Quoting (CPQ), Billing, PRM, and B2B commerce platform together for better efficiency.

Integrate Quoting and Billing Solution for a consistent recurring relationship with customers

When the billing connector is activated, the finance team can use real-time data to trigger orders, collate costs, prepare and compare invoices, and take delivery actions.

We’ve got everything to solve your billing issues. Discover what’s out there for you!

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