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Success Story: How DemandBlue helped a client double its revenue with Salesforce B2B Commerce implementation

by | Feb 22, 2022 | Blog

A conventional B2B business model that deals with large volume purchases typically involves a lengthy sales cycle. The traditional B2B purchase cycle is replete with complexity, excess process steps, and generally a hassle. Digital transformation can solve many of these issues, but there are several considerations. As companies move their retail businesses online for digital enablement, it is essential to set up a personalized ecommerce storefront to remain competitive and attractive to customers. Unlike the traditional business model, operating with Salesforce B2B Commerce allows organizations to quickly set up their ecommerce store. DemandBlue delivers a great self-service purchasing experience for customers. Essentially we offer On Demand Services for B2B Commerce implementation for various industries. As a certified Salesforce Consulting Partner, we have partnered with global customers to improve their overall business value and ROI by offering Salesforce B2B Commerce solutions.

Here we will share how we helped one of our clients achieve better sales and revenue through our On Demand Services for Salesforce B2B Commerce.       

How did DemandBlue’s On Demand Services for B2B Commerce help a leading food and aero technology solutions provider improve revenue and customer engagement?

The client, a leading food and aero technology solutions provider, partnered with us to implement and integrate Salesforce B2B Commerce with their existing ERP system. We completely replaced their phone-based client service process with a modern self-service customer portal.

Challenges that the client faced with their existing client service processes:

The client offered a variety of products and services which required direct human interaction at all stages. The organization had to increase the headcount of their support team to solve customer queries and to meet their expectations.

      • Legacy systems which included face-to-face and time-consuming phone-based client services, were a barrier to growth for the client. These were exasperated during the covid pandemic.
      • The client acknowledged their inefficiencies and wanted to build an enterprise-grade digital self-service customer portal. It was important that this integrated with their existing ERP system to improve operational processes and outcomes.
      • In particular, the client wanted to reduce the buying cycle with minimum frontline work and improve the brand image.

We reimagined the client’s manual service processes by developing an interactive customer portal

Our team of Salesforce experts gathered requirements through structured discovery meetings with stakeholders and different business units. Based on the inputs, DemandBlue implemented a feature-rich B2B Commerce solution to create an intuitive customer portal.

      • Our certified experts implemented a custom Salesforce B2B Commerce portal to create an intuitive web store with a webcart.
      • Our team customized the Salesforce Sales Cloud product to manage accounts, individual price books, and opportunities.
      • We implemented a custom Salesforce Service Cloud solution to examine contacts, issues, cases, and claims.
      • We created a custom product catalog and developed a real-time dashboard to extract reports and examine error logging for customers and the sales team.
      • The team connected the ERP system with Salesforce through an API to sync product data, pricing book, order data, invoice data, customer data, and tax calculations.
      • We integrated the Salesforce Experience Cloud portal that allows users to check entitlements, view invoices, create cases, and more.
      • Our team integrated different payment gateways such as Spareparts One, Zencraft, and others to deliver an end-to-end product purchase journey.

We digitally transformed the client’s business process with a highly scalable solution

      • The cost to serve per customer was drastically reduced by decreasing the manual touchpoints and the number of hours spent per order.
      • With the decrease in resolution time, the client experienced an improvement in both cross-sell and upsell of orders and customer satisfaction.
      • Our one-stop-shop solution enabled customers to perform routine transactions which led to an increase in the number of items ordered.
      • The client now offers a personalized customer experience that increases automated customer touchpoints, customer logins, and customer satisfaction scores.
      • The client experienced a three-fold improvement in customer engagement and a doubling of revenue.

Achieve success with our On Demand Services for B2B Commerce implementation

      • Enables your organization to scale new sales channels, meet market demands, and improve operational efficiency.
      • With a responsive B2B buying portal, you can acquire potential visitors such as distributors and manufacturers and convert them into customers.
      • By integrating your ERP and back-end business process with Salesforce B2B Commerce, you can improve productivity and focus more on customer service tasks.
      • Improve the potential of your marketing campaigns and overall revenue growth with the help of actionable analytics.

It’s your turn to deliver a seamless buying experience to your customers

DemandBlue offers end-to-end B2B Commerce implementation through strategic infrastructure planning and agile product development. Our Pay-As-You-Use pricing model is an integral part of our Salesforce B2B Commerce offering that makes your Salesforce investment more cost-effective. Leverage our On Demand Services for Salesforce B2B Commerce implementation and promise your customers a seamless and personalized buying experience.

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