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salesforce app cloud

Today Apps have become a wholesome part of our lives. Apps are the most convenient solutions to our digital, or may we say every problem. With their rapid utilization, apps have completely interwind with business and marketplace. Salesforce App Cloud is one of such unique platforms where customers meet your brand and App products it offers. But, Salesforce App Cloud is not just limited to an App store, its a one-stop-shop for building, running, managing, and optimizing apps using the same technology and expertise that fuels our success. Salesforce App Cloud gives you the tools to build beautiful, engaging apps that transform the customer experience.

 What is Salesforce App cloud?

App Cloud is a set of different tools, which make the app development even convenient than before. Salesforce app cloud platform consists of features like AppExchange,, Heroku, and Lightning components. Each has a unique and intricate role to play like the AppExchange is a marketplace for Applications where brands can post their work and benefit from each other. Both Heroku and are beneficial in mobile application development services and help admins or developers to fabricate easy-to-build apps with their drag and drop feature. Salesforce application development services support a vast range of programming languages like Java, Python, Apex, and even Visualforce to configure the look and feel of the product.

Last but not least, Salesforce App Cloud uses the Lightning components of Salesforce to give a sleek and smooth touch of innovation to the different Apps and website pages. The Lightning feature is not just a skin. It comes with a wave of functionality that can be packed inside the Applications to make them more flexible and agile in terms of usage.

Reinvent the website with Salesforce App Cloud:

  • With Salesforce App Cloud, you can create online experiences that connect with your customers in new ways
  • Build apps that enhance the in-store experience as customers shop
  • Create destination websites that power singular experiences
  • Run brand building, promotions, product launches, seasonal events, and more

Build mobile apps

Let us look at some easy ways by which we can use Salesforce App cloud to transform the way we work –

  • Transform how you engage customers, partners, and employees with mobile apps built on Salesforce’s own mobile app development platform (MADP). Build modern mobile apps with microservices, templates, and create packs — all powered by the leading Platform as a Service (PaaS) on the most secure and trusted cloud.
  • Field Ops: Keep your field operations more productive — and more responsive — with mobile apps that help reps solve issues on the spot. Even workers in remote locations can take, manage, and fulfill orders or access warranty, info, and track deliveries.
  • Operations: With the right apps, everything from the supply chain to inventory to inspections is accessible to any employee, right from their mobile device. And when you add apps for project management, you can leverage the power of social collaboration for higher productivity.
  • HR: If you want to hire and retain — the best and the brightest, you need to engage employees at every step of their life cycle, from recruiting to onboarding to training. Learn how mobile, social HR apps can boost employee engagement.
  • IT: Automate the development process — from project management to QA — with apps that track progress and capture the results at every stage. Source and track patent submission ideas in your company. And keep tabs on help desk tickets from the moment they’re opened until they’re closed.

Automate business processes

Even complex business processes can be easily automated, streamlined, and simplified with the Salesforce app cloud for any department, any role, and any size business.

  • IT Apps: Apps help you automate basic tasks like help desk and software license management so you can focus on innovation.
  • Marketing Apps: Manage even the most sophisticated marketing program — and get real-time results — right on your phone.
  • HR Apps: Salesforce for HR transforms employee engagement by delivering personalized experiences to empower employees, and provides the data and insights organizations need to attract, manage, and retain the best and brightest talent.
  • Finance Apps: Connect your finance department to Salesforce data so they can perform better forecasting and drive strategic decision making.
  • Operations Apps: From deliveries to inventory, keeps every moving part in your enterprise working in perfect sync with operations apps that deliver real-time data on any device to any employee.

Connect & integrate

With the Salesforce app cloud, you can now connect your legacy systems, unlock your back office, and extend your apps with APIs. Connect any product, device, and even wearables.  To learn more about how you can leverage the Salesforce App Cloud to streamline & Automate your business process, Talk to us Now! 

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