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Salesforce and Wearables

by | Apr 9, 2018 | Blog

The time is not far away when every one of us is going to check office emails in a watch. The wearable technology is still in the nascent stage, but experts across industries widely agree that the time for its enterprise adoption is already ripe.  These wearables become valuable only if the technology platforms and applications supported by them provide the required functionalities at desired service levels.  Salesforce has clearly understood this sprouting trend and has already jumped into the wearables bandwagon.

Salesforce wear is a specialized platform offered for wearable devices.  It is a collection of open-source apps that helps to design and build enterprise wearable apps.  These apps connect directly to the Salesforce1 platform.  Salesforce wear enables to focus more on developing a customized user interface that provides satisfying user experience in wearable devices.  These apps can avail other services (like identification, security) and functionalities from the Salesforce1 platform.

Salesforce wear is supported across multiple wearable platforms which include Apple Watch, Google Glass, Samsung Gear 2, etc.  In fact Salesforce has released specialized versions of Salesforce Analytics Cloud and Salesforce1 for the recently released Apple Watch.

Despite getting established in the wearables domain, Salesforce acknowledges that the “Salesforce Wear” much like the bigger wearable space is still in infancy.  Salesforce’s agenda for increased scope of services in the wearables space will hugely depend on the pace of the medium’s growth.

A key hurdle to wearable adoption is lack of tangible understanding on the advantages of wearable technology over the existing smart phones/tablets.  Once the enterprises begin to strongly realize that “wearables can enable the workers to do more” this “infant” wouldn’t take much time to grow into a giant.

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