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The best 7 Salesforce 2020 trends for your company

by | Aug 21, 2020 | Blog

As businesses continue to move business critical apps to the cloud, the demand for cloud services has exponentially risen. Being an undisputed leader in the CRM services segment, this year Salesforce has focused on engagement platforms to help brand and employees connect with ease. According to Forbes, Salesforce now has captured over 19% of the global CRM market, with Eastern Europe (19.7%) and Western Europe (17.5%) displaying steep growth in the Europe region. So, no matter which phase your business falls under, integrating Salesforce into your business model can be highly beneficial.

Be a front-runner of your business by keeping a track of these trends that can help you recruit more customers, keep your sales funnel full, and most importantly, help you meet and exceed your sales cycle.

Let’s check out some of the popular trends and find out how your business can benefit from Salesforce trends 2020.

7 Top Salesforce 2020 trends that will shorten the communication gap

Know your organization better with Customer 360

Personalized customization and customer relevancy come with familiarizing customers and organizations together to understand their demands and needs. With Salesforce Customer 360, your Sales reps and decision-makers will be able to strategize and get this guidance. The well-integrated platform of Salesforce Customer 360 gathers data from all channels and delivers the best insights.

The rise in AI involvement

The organizations of today will be looking forward to utilizing AI technology to deliver value to customers. With this AI scale-up, organizations can provide valued services with reduced efforts and will be able to execute a variety of actionable instances, just as efficiently. In this way, AIs are rising to be the future of workflows. With the cutting edge technology, it is capable of being implemented on several different levels and fields to automate tasks and augment decision-making.

Prioritizing Mobility

Salesforce has acknowledged the upcoming 5th generation mobile networks and is planning to prioritize the mobile experience of Salesforce with the Salesforce One app. This application is a fully integrated mobile application that supports operating systems like Android, iOS, and Windows. With this, employees can now experience greater flexibility of workflow all on mobile. Employees such as a field service agents would greatly benefit from this mobile ready experience.


Customization is also one of the many Salesforce 2020 trends that companies have picked up. Be it app customization, platform, or any other tool due to the pandemic lockdown, everyone’s work style has changed a lot.  A large number of industries are now demanding changes to their work platforms as per the newly required functionalities. This has lead to a vast wave of personalized customization requests that suits the needs of the firms in 2020 as no one wants to be incapacitated during the lockdown.

24×7 Management

The new business Salesforce Application is specifically built to manage the workflow and track employee performances, day or night. This 24×7 management feature was previously uncommon in Salesforce Applications, but now as the global changes have occurred, organizations are seeking management partners, and Salesforce has adapted well according to it.


Salesforce released the permit to share Blockchain in 2019 to verify datasets of 3rd party members of the organizations. This helps in building a secure and robust network of 3rd-party partners with the organization. This ability to establish a robust network of apps for organizations has really been helpful to many organizations, pushing information from point A to B securely.

Marketing Automation

In Salesforce 2020 trends, the marketing norms are also facing a paradigm shift. Now, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, is aiming to enhance regular tasks with lesser human interference. Salesforce is now permitting to send automated emails to customers with dedicated discounts as per their activities and needs. This way, marketers will have more time to spend on their core activities.

Changing businesses with Salesforce 2020 trends

Salesforce 2020 trends are changing the face of workflows and operations with its versatility. These trends have landed its blows with precision and relevancy in the world of business. With Salesforce, the businesses can now bloom into a better version by adapting to the changing business world without chaos.

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