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Prepare for the biggest Salesforce tech event of 2022

by | Sep 8, 2022 | Blog, DF22

Have you started packing for Dreamforce 2022?

With Dreamforce around the corner, preparations for it can be overwhelming. But worry not! We’ve got you covered. Here’s a checklist to help you plan, pack, and gear up for the year’s most anticipated event. As thousands of Trailblazers are set to gather in San Francisco from September 20th to 22nd, to attend workshops and sessions, planning your three-day conference is significant to make it memorable and exciting.

What to Pack?

Packing can be exhausting when you plan to make a road trip or take a flight to San Francisco. While minimal luggage reduces stress, it might also be a disaster if you board the flight and find out that you have missed packing something important.

So, here we’ll cover a few must-haves to help you pack for the Dreamforce conference:

  1. Pack your company swag to give away

Since Dreamforce is an event where you’ll meet thousands of Trailblazers and Tech savvies, be sure to pack some goodies such as t-shirts, bottles, and backpacks with your logo. It will help you display your brand better and make people approach you if they are familiar with the brand. If not, it will build curiosity about your line of work.

  1. Keep your business cards handy

Though you carry business cards for all occasions, it is recommended to have extra when you head to Dreamforce. You will engage with hundreds of people through workshops, sessions and networking parties, so have a good batch ready to hand out when approached.

  1. Wear comfortable clothes

It is essential to pack comfortable clothes and extra shoes to move around freely as Dreamforce events are spread throughout San Francisco downtown, including the Moscone Center, Marriott Marquis, Hilton Union Square, Park Central, and Westin St. Francis. Plan on plenty of walking and when you can opt for ridesharing to get around the various venues at the conference.

  1. Take portable chargers 

There won’t be charging points available all the time when you are on the go. In addition to making calls and messages, you will also require GPS and internet access to be connected with people at work and home. So pack portable chargers to keep track of what’s happening around. You will also not have to miss out on important emails and intra-team communication between sessions.

  1. Pack your rainy apparel

The weather in San Francisco can be a bit unpredictable. While September is a dry month, it is a good idea to pack umbrellas, raincoats, and water-resistant shoes to keep yourself warm and dry, just in case. Also, it might be a bit chilly in the morning, so pack clothing that will keep you warm. As the American writer Mark Twain once said, “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.”

Where to stay?

Dreamforce attracts many people, so competition for accommodation can be fierce! Make your booking early to avoid extra costs—especially reserve an accommodation that offers a free cancellation. Since COVID is still out there, checking for safety protocols before reserving rooms is always recommended.

As for the stay, look for hotels and rooms near downtown San Francisco. As mentioned earlier, you might have to shuttle between multiple event venues. Moreover, it is not easy to access public transport during the event days as it will be busy and crowded. Accommodations within walking distance would be ideal.

Reserved hotel blocks: If you had made early registrations to Dreamforce 2022, you would have been able to book rooms alongside the tickets. If you have already booked the rooms via the Dreamforce website, you have nothing to worry about. But, even if not, there are still a few options for you!

Listed below are options regarding your stay in San Francisco

Third-party booking sites: For those who missed the Salesforce reserved hotel blocks, you can make your reservations through hotel comparison sites such as Booking.com, and Expedia, as they are a safe bet. But you must know that the cost of stay will be a bit higher than the Dreamforce hotels.

Alternate accommodations: Websites like Airbnb and FlipKey are perfect alternatives if you wish to rent a whole property or private rooms. Try them if you travel as a group to Dreamforce!

Hostels: Hostels aren’t necessarily people-packed dormitories. San Francisco has plenty of luxurious hostels available to match your comfort. So, don’t have second thoughts when you have to book a hostel.

Stays in the city’s outskirts: If you don’t find a stay near San Francisco, you can try to book rooms outside the city center at lower prices. San Francisco BART system will help you easily commute to Moscone in about 30 minutes.

How to plan for Dreamforce 

Health and Safety 

Dreamforce doesn’t require you to submit proof of vaccination. Currently, there are no specific testing protocols for entry. But this is subject to change.

Also, there are a few COVID-19 international air travel requirements where all non-immigrants and non-U.S. air travelers must be fully vaccinated and provide vaccination status before boarding the flight to the United States.

For attendees traveling from the United States to other countries, you may require to provide a negative pre-departure COVID-19 test result to travel. 

Plan your session schedules

During your three-day event, it can be slightly intimidating to sift through thousands of sessions. Plan your day’s agenda in advance. You can check our recent session catalog blog to get a few insights on session types, or you can check out the official Dreamforce website and mark the ones that spark your interest.

Dreamforce allows you to filter and sort sessions on their website based on your preference’s product, role, session types, and session levels. So, whether a beginner or a leader, you can quickly note down the sessions you are looking for using the filters. Also, check the Dreamforce website for updates, as new sessions will be added regularly.

Relax between sessions

Don’t over-plan your Dreamforce experience! A good but realistic plan is necessary to keep you stress-free, including enough breathing time between events to reflect on what you learned. It is not necessary to attend every Dreamforce session. Instead, make sure to focus on those that benefit your business.

Keep the Sponsors list ready

If you are on the hunt to make new partnerships or connections, you must have a list of potential leads to target. First, collect all the information about the sponsors from the Dreamforce website, including their company details and booth location. Then, fix a time to meet each of the sponsors and develop a game plan to approach them wisely.

Start from your hotel early

Downtown San Francisco will quickly fill with people during Dreamforce, and there’s always the chance of missing the correct route to or from your session or hotel. Give yourself extra time.

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With your checklist ready, you will approach your Dreamforce 2022 experience with confidence!

To learn more about Dreamforce 2022 before starting your journey, check our related articles for helpful tips and event updates.

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