New Mobile App Development Services from announced new set of tools and services to be provided for mobile app development on its cloud platform. aims to help its customers and partners to deliver mobile apps more quickly with the new toolkit and quick start packs. These packs will support popular JavaScript frameworks. states that the work on coding the back end, testing, security, server management, user access, configuring reports and dashboards will be handled by the new tools and services. This will cut days of development time. It is based on the assumption that the platformwill be single point of interaction between a mobile app and enterprise systems. The new toolkits and services will take advantage of AngularJS, Backbone.js and jQuery Mobile – popular open-source mobile JavaScript development frameworks which are integrated into the Salesforce API. As is a cloud-based platform, it can take advantage of the new frameworks immediately. The release of SDK 2.0 will enable developers to build HTML5 apps, native apps or hybrid apps quickly, connect to Salesforce data and, with the built-in frameworks; the app can be plugged into a phone’s native offline data-handling capabilities. The apps can authenticate using, Facebook and Twitter sign-in capabilities.

These new tools and services will give an edge to companies to deliver new mobile apps as it will reduce the process of developing mobile apps.

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