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Marketing is the most critical function of any organization and has the potential to propel your brand to a new horizon. When done right, marketing can have a long lasting impact on your brand value, drive top-line growth and help you build meaningful relationships with your stakeholders. And when right strategies are combined with a revolutionary marketing automation tool, you are bound to see your sales curve go up a few notches higher!

As a Salesforce user, you should be happy to note that world’s top 2 leading marketing tools – Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot - both belong to Salesforce.

The next question is of course "Why Salesforce has two different Marketing Automation tools?”. The answer Is simple! Salesforce understands that the marketing strategy for B2B is greatly different from that of B2C. So, if you are a B2B marketer, then Pardot is your ideal marketing tool while for a B2C marketer it makes more sense to choose Marketing Cloud.

But this is only a thumb rule and you can always compare your marketing roadmap against the features of each tool and select what best suits you between Marketing Cloud and Pardot.

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Feature Comparison – Marketing Cloud vs Pardot

Marketing Cloud Features
Studio Builder
Email Studio Journey Builder 360 - Degree Customer View
Mobile Studio Content Builder Website and Landing Pages
Social Studio Personalization Builder Triggered Customer Journey
Advertising Studio Contact Builder Datorama
Web Studio Journey Mapping
Salesforce DMP 1-1 Journey
Interaction Studio B2C Journey Management
Data Studio B2B Marketing Automation
Pardot Features
Engagement Studio Forms and Form Handler
Website Visitors Tracking Lead Generation
Pre Built Templates B2B Marketing analytics
Connect Campaign CRM Integration
Salesforce and Pardot User sync Google Analytics Integration
A/B Testing Competitors tracking
Third Party Data connection ROI Reports
Landing Page Builder

Salesforce Marketing cloud

As an ideal B2C marketing automation tool, Salesforce Marketing cloud allows you to gather granular data of all your leads and execute an up-close and personal nurturing program that enhances your conversion percentage manifold. Here is a snapshot of some key Marketing Cloud features

Features Details

Salesforce DMP

A data management platform that gathers and assimilates data of each prospect to provide intelligence and insight

Interaction Studio

Allows you to personalize the content and responses based on prospect’s fancy

Email Studio

a completely automated, dynamic, and responsive email tool that offers analytics and more

Social Studio

Monitor company pages and sales rep’s social accounts too, and maximize social media interactions

Advertising Studio

Automate your ad campaigns and make it interactive and dynamic based on customer history to set your paid campaign ROI soaring

Journey Builder

Take your prospect through a structured customer journey powered by data and analytics

Salesforce Pardot

unleashes automation, personalization and analytics to empower marketers, making it the ideal B2B marketing automation tool and a favourite among mid-size and large firms. Here is a look at some of the key features -


A data management platform that gathers and assimilates data of each prospect to provide intelligence and insight


Allows you to personalize the content and responses based on prospect’s fancy


Allows you to tag your prospects with customized profiles and attributes for easy sorting, filtering, and organizing


Allows both mass mailing and one-to-one mailing. Manage lists for different campaigns


Identify and track each web visitor and gain insights on their search history and intent


Custom templates and easy drag and build templates to create meaningful landing pages

Strategy Tool


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