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Marketing campaigns are usually akin to hunting for a needle in the haystack in the middle of the night with a matchstick. Well…not anymore!! With the kind of tools available like the Marketing Cloud and Pardot, marketing is now an intelligence game. These tools make sure you are on the right side of the intelligence with real-time updates, visitor tracking, campaign automation, etc. We not only appreciate the intricacies of digital marketing, but also understand what works best for you.

Demand Blue’s Marketing Cloud services leverages the Salesforce CRM for marketers to create and manage marketing campaigns that drive customer experiences and improve customer loyalty. Our marketing strategies are aimed at creating seamless customer experiences across channels including email, mobile, social media, advertising, content creation, content management among others. We utilize predictive analytics techniques to choose the right medium and messages for communication. For instance, when a customer joins a loyalty program, Demand Blue’s customized Marketing Cloud features could enable the app to send a welcome message. Since the Marketing Cloud is connected to Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, the CRM provides an Omni-channel customer experience.

Improve Personalization

Our Marketing Cloud strategies are developed using Predictive analysis for deeper customer insights to drive customer engagement. Artificial Intelligence and deep learning techniques are used to automate Marketing communications with relevant messages at the right time.

Mobile and Social Media Campaigns

Group messaging and push notifications are triggered to reach customers in the moment. Our Marketing Cloud services facilitate cross-channel communications across media to elevate customer experiences.


Case Study

Real Estate and Lifestyle

Client is a leader in the real estate niche of delivering unsurpassed management and lifestyle services to communities worldwide
Salesforce: Marketing Cloud
Technologies: Force.com, Visualforce, Apex, Journey Builder
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Case Study

Health Insurance

The client is the nation's leading health insurance company headquartered in Minneapolis.
Salesforce: Marketing Cloud
Technologies: Force.com, Apex, Visualforce, Process Builder, Flow, Informatica Cloud, SalesEdge
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