Leading Healthcare University Leverages Demandblue’s Marketing Cloud Implementation Expertise to Increase Marketing-Qualified Leads by 600%

Marketing Cloud Implementation Services

Marketing Cloud Implementation – Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the world’s most powerful Marketing automation tool that is exclusively designed to deliver unique, data-driven and personalized Customer Experiences (CX) across the entire customer journey. It is a comprehensive marketing automation tool that combines disparate data sources from multiple channels and devices to provide a 360-degree view of the customer, measure the impact of every digital marketing campaign, and accelerate growth by reaching new audience segments.

This blog is a deep dive into how a leading Healthcare University partnered with DemandBlue to constantly engage with their students, increase their marketing qualified leads and deliver superior student experiences. The Case Study below is just one of the examples of how an On Demand Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation partner can bring true value to your Marketing Cloud implementation.

Let’s dive in.

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DemandBlue’s Marketing Cloud Implementation team enhanced Salesforce Marketing Cloud for a leading Healthcare Organization

The client is a top University in the U.S that specializes in healthcare education. In order to support the growing needs of their marketing team and processes, they wanted to initiate full-scale digital, content, social and SEO marketing campaigns. The University partnered with DemandBlue to continuously engage students who visit their website and social media channels–to deliver unified student experiences across their entire journey.


The client used multiple systems to track student information through the different stages of the student lifecycle. These systems were not providing relevant information to deliver personalized communications for promotions and cross-channel marketing purposes. Marketing campaigns were also tracked in excel sheets, which made it even more complex to measure the impact of their marketing campaigns. The client has a small and mighty marketing team but wanted to support a much larger sales team and understood that this was possible only with the help of technology. The client chose DemandBlue to offer strategic solutions to their specific business needs.

 Solution through Marketing Cloud Implementation Services

The client had seen a significant improvement in student engagement and increase in the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns with the help of DemandBlue’s solutions through Marketing Cloud Implementation and customization. DemandBlue’s On Demand Services rightly matched the client’s expectations by offering Marketing Cloud implementation services with added advantages including flexibility and agility, where clients can instantly scale up or down services as per their fluctuating business needs and pay only for what they use.

  • We automated the entire process and integrated their Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Student Management system to provide a single and unified view of their students
  • We set up multiple emails in Email Studio for personalized communications and also captured customer interactions in contact history to get a holistic view of students across different channels.
  • At first, they had only a single nurturing track with generic content to nurture all of the contacts. Now, with the data gathered in Marketing Cloud, they can customize content and run more effective Lead nurturing programs.
  • The client’s marketing team now uses personalized, dynamic content and develops different drips for each of the target industries.
  • The team at DemandBlue has enabled the client to extend the use of automation to include lead scoring and grading, which allows them to move leads through the marketing funnel quickly.


DemandBlue’s Marketing Cloud implementation services have enabled them to tie all of the student data they are getting in Marketing Cloud back to their funnel, and understand what marketing campaigns are working, what needs improvement, and how they are impacting the overall business ROI. Their new Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation plan drove their Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) by a whopping 600%, which significantly improved their lead conversions. It also allowed for cross-channel communication and enabled different users to use a single system to get a 360-degree view of the students. This resulted in improved efficiencies, reduced errors through automation of campaign management and a consistent and personalized experience for the internal and external stakeholders.

About DemandBlue – Delivering On Demand Services for Salesforce

DemandBlue is a certified Marketing Cloud implementation partner that offers On Demand services for Salesforce. On-Demand is a scalable Salesforce engagement model where clients have the flexibility to consume as much as they want or as little as they need and pay only for what they use. Our strategic approach towards Marketing Cloud implementation ensures that you drive marketing success by reaching your ideal target audiences, at the right time with the right message. Our Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultants work with you to maximize the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform to improve marketing effectiveness and engagement, generate highly convertible marketing qualified leads and drive bottom-line results.

Our Track Record Speaks for Itself 

  • 9.56 / 10 Average C-Sat Score on Salesforce Appexchange
  • 70+ Happy Clients
  • Awarded Best Salesforce Agency 2018 by DesignRush
  • Awarded Top IT Services Company by Goodfirms

To learn more about how you can maximize Salesforce Marketing Cloud to drive marketing efficiency and success, Talk to our team now!

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Marketing Cloud Implementation Services

Leading Healthcare University Leverages Demandblue’s Marketing Cloud Implementation Expertise to Increase Marketing-Qualified Leads by 600%

Marketing Cloud Implementation – Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the world’s most powerful Marketing automation tool that is exclusively designed to deliver unique, data-driven and personalized Customer Experiences (CX) across the

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