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The keys to successful sales campaigns focus on two components

Consistent customer engagement and targeted use of your marketing database. DemandBlue delivers custom-designed  Salesforce accelerator packages for Marketing Cloud and Pardot to improve your sales funnel and produce relevant leads that enhance business growth. Our tools allow your marketers not just to execute but to strategize and extract salient findings with which you can measure the campaign results.

Automate your marketing operations to save resources and eliminate human errors with DemandBlue’s Marketing Cloud Implementation. Enhance pipeline visibility and opportunity management to reach your marketing goals every time.

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Fastrack your marketing activities with our Salesforce accelerator components

Our Marketing Cloud and Pardot accelerators include preconfigured, customized modules that add pace and efficiency to your marketing activities. They optimize your operations, automate your sales process, and tailor customer interactions.

A/B testing accelerator

A/B testing accelerator

A/B testing is a great way to measure and improve your email marketing performance.

  • Execute full-scale A/B testing comparison to receive insights on email marketing such as open rates, click rates, and conversions.
  • Deploy and manage email marketing practices such as scheduling emails and optimizing subscriber lists with the A/B testing module.
  • Understand your target audience’s expectations; calibrate the content for maximum engagement.

IP Warming Best Practices

Your IP directly impacts your marketing campaigns and can make or break the brand.

  • IP warming helps your marketers build a good reputation for your IP address to give your email marketing campaigns extra weight.
  • Implement IP warming for both Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot. 
  • Build a better IP reputation: improve upon different criteria that Internet Service Providers follow, such as open rates, spam complaints, and engagement rates.
IP Warming Best Practices
Spam Complaint Best Practices

Spam Complaint Best Practices

We understand the pain when a marketing email receives a spam complaint.

  • Manage spam complaints about Marketing Cloud and Pardot accelerators through our marketing and spam complaint practices.
  • Identify the subscribers that raised spam complaints and prevent sending emails to them to avoid future spam alerts.
  • Reduce your spam complaint rate and personalize your marketing emails to maximize engagement.

Marketing Cloud – Scoring model

A scoring model is a Marketing Cloud automation feature that helps enhance your marketing funnel output.

  • Enable your marketers to engage the right audience in the right way for a practical marketing approach.
  • Filter and prioritize relevant leads from your database to ensure a well-structured marketing workflow that generates results.
  • Align your marketing practices with the guidelines to help track the engagement level of your subscribers at an organizational level.
Marketing Cloud – Scoring model
Contact Database Optimization in Marketing Cloud

Contact Database Optimization in Marketing Cloud

It is essential to clean up the contact database and conduct health checkups regularly for an optimized Marketing Cloud experience.

  • Automate database clean-up and segment your contacts to fully optimize your database for easy data access by your marketers.
  • Conduct regular database health checkups and audits to prevent data silo formations and discrepancies such as data duplication.
  • Allow the system to manage optimization while you focus on database growth and bringing in business.

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